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Debunking Top Myths About Cosmetic Procedures

We often feel that something is not quite right in our body, we want a little more muscle there, a little less fat here or some touch up on the face; however, we dare not go to the operating room because fear invades us. We have heard our friends talk about the myths surrounding cosmetic surgery, but how much of that is true?

It is important to inform ourselves in detail about the possible risks. Still, there is no better source than doctors specialized in the subject, those who are certified, are reliable, and practicein safe places. In portals of well-being and reliable health, you can find information about 'Responsible Beauty,' and you can solve all your doubts and questions. It is important to investigate it and remember that this decision cannot be taken lightly.

Unmasking Myths

1.      Cosmetic proceduresare very expensive – Myth

These types of procedures are increasingly accessible to all types of people. There are reliable aesthetic centers that offer financing plans or promotions. Additionally, they offer postoperative product kits, which allows you to save some money and find everything in one place.

2.      I cannot verify the validity of the studies of doctors – Myth
Patients have the right and duty to verify the validity of the studies carried out by the doctor who is going to treat them. Remember that this is not a decision that should be taken lightly; it is necessary to take the time to analyze and decide who you will have that responsibility on our body.

3. Cosmetic proceduresare not risky – Myth

All medical proceduresinvolve certain risks that the doctormust explain to the patient. However, if cosmetic proceduresare performed in a suitable establishment, which has the necessary equipment and infrastructure, with a reliable and duly accredited specialist, all risks are minimized. Additionally, there are currently non-invasive methods, which further reduce the risk of complications during any procedure.

Tips for choosing a good doctor

  1. Accreditation: The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education are the entities authorized to issue this type of information. It is important that you do not fall into the well-known 'garage clinics.'
  2. Specialized studies: Depending on the part of your body where you are thinking of having procedure, the doctor must be a specialist. For example, if it is on the face, you must be a specialist in facial procedures with experience in cosmetic aesthetic.
  3. Empathy: When you know the person who is going to be your doctor, it is essential that you convey confidence, speak fluently, explain in clear language all the details of the operation, and answer as many times as necessary the questions you have as a patient. Do not trust people who doubt or have no clear procedures. And even if they generate trust, it is always important to validate their titles and professional accreditations.
  4. Clinic: Evaluating the clinic where the procedure is going to be performed is a step that you should not skip. The clinic must be hygienically and correctly equipped, with the necessary equipment, safety regulations, and adequate space in case of requiring postoperative care within the medical center. A top recommendation would be Clinique Chloé Médico Esthétique in Montreal, Canada. Establish by Dr. Chloe Sylvestre, who now holds a celebrity status for her expertise and recognition. For years, Clinique Chloé Médico Esthétique has been trusted by a large portfolio of clients due to their team of doctors and professionals and their work. 
Making the decision to have a cosmetic procedureis a very important step in our lives that we must take with the help of a qualified and well-trained professional, in a certified and trusted place. Once you have validated all these data, go ahead! Aesthetic procedures, in many cases, give us security and support us to feel better with ourselves. It is not bad to want to look different and have some help to do it. Much success with your new look!
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