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Always Aware of what you Eat! It can cost your life!

The complexity of the tasks facing oncology and the tragedy of many life situations makes oncologists, virologists, epidemiologists, specialists in molecular biology and other disciplines intensify their efforts, which would make it possible not only to discover previously unknown causes of tumors like proto oncogenes, but also, knowing these reasons, develop ways to prevent them.

The list of foods containing carcinogens has grown significantly lately.

Many have heard about carcinogens and how bad they are to health. Most people believe they are found in fried foods. Others talk about smoked meats. What is true of this and how not to cause carcinogenic harm to the body? To do this, you need to get to know it better and learn all the facts and myths.

Substances that can cause malignant processes are called carcinogens.

For a long time, it was considered the presence of carcinogens when fried products. But scientists came to the conclusion that in the same French fries, when frying in high-quality oil, its relatively small dose. However, it is not recommended to overeat such foods. But the list of products containing carcinogens has grown significantly lately. In addition, it is in the usual and surrounding things. You don't even have to guess how close the carcinogen is.

Today, cancer is the fifth leading cause of death in the world. The leading among them are cancer of the trachea, bronchi and lungs, skin cancer, prostate cancer and cancer of the colon (the main part of the colon). In turn, one of the main conditions for the development of cancer is malnutrition.

Here are the 5 most harmful carcinogen foods that provoke cancer and contain substances that are dangerous to health and life.

Smoked and dried meat: Doctors agree that red meat affects the development of cancer . So it's definitely not worth absorbing it in irrepressible quantities. According to the WHO, no more than 70 grams of red meat can be eaten daily.

Canned food and pickled vegetables: Such food should only be used in extreme cases - for example, on a hike. The main harm of canned food lies in the fact that in the course of preparation the products lose a large share of nutrients. And the human stomach is "programmed" for fresh food, without chemical preservatives and marinades. So those who like to eat from cans often suffer from gastritis and ulcers. These gastrointestinal diseases are classified as precancerous.

Fried foods: An appetizing brown crust on a chicken or "coals" on a kebab is a direct path to the development of cancer. Recent studies have shown that among crunchy crusty crust, the incidence of bowel cancer is almost 80%!

Foods with E-additives: Not all E-supplements are harmful to health, but the most dangerous ones are worth remembering. Thus, preservatives from E-200 to E-290 can "undermine" your liver and provoke food allergies. Even more dangerous are flavor enhancers E-620 to E-637: they can provoke problems with the nervous system and cause brain cancer.

Mushrooms: It sounds strange, but mushrooms can threaten you with the development of cancer: due to their absorbing properties, they are able to accumulate radionuclides in themselves.

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