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Essential Oral Care Tips for Children

Good oral hygiene along with proper dental care plays a very important role in every child's daily healthcare routine. Daily dental care and periodic checkups at Best dental clinic in Kolkata not only helps in maintaining good oral hygiene but also saves the child from various oral problems and pains. For best results, the parents should encourage good oral habits amongst the children from the very beginning of their childhood along with periodic checkups to be on the safe side.

Essential Oral Care Tips for your Children:

1. Introducing the key elements at the beginning itself-

As per multiple studies conducted, it is found that the first year of a human's life is the most vital especially in developing the good habits related to dental care and as a result, it is always advisable to start proper oral hygiene habits at the beginning itself. One of the major reasons for tooth decay amongst the kids is because of baby bottle syndrome. Thus, it is compulsory to clean your infant's teeth newly erupted teeth and the gums as well after feeding. It may be done with a water-soaked gauge pad. Secondly, allowing your child to sleep with a bottle filled with milk also results in tooth decay.

When your child turns three years old, he or she should start with the brushing of teeth and that too under an adult's supervision and spending around two minutes in brushing is highly recommended. You may also start flossing your child's teeth after all of them have erupted. It is always better to use a soft-bristled brush along with fluoride toothpaste since fluoride not helps in strengthening the tooth enamel, but also prevents plaques and cavities.

2. Monitoring your child’s eating habits-

Since the children love consuming snacks, colas, and candies, the majority of the dental problems faced by the children are related to tooth decay. Since such products stick to the teeth and at times become difficult to remove even after brushing, therefore, it is always advised to minimize the consumption of these products and instead, consumption of fruits and salads should be encouraged as a part of a healthy lifestyle. In case you need a dental implant, feel free to visit the best dentist who charges an affordable Cost of dental implant in Kolkata.

3. Ensuring periodic Dental Checkups-

Lastly, it is highly advisable to go for periodic checkups once your child turns one year, so that the dentist can do a proper assessment of hygiene and at the same time, prevent various dental caries.

Thus, the above-mentioned points should always be remembered and the same would not only help in improving oral hygiene but also help in preventing dental diseases. In case you need dental braces, you may visit the best clinics offering Invisible dental braces in Kolkata. Moreover, these invisible braces have a lot of advantages and the children also love it because of its comfort and flexibility.
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