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Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Breast Pump

Breast Pumps are highly convenient for mothers for various reasons. It can help working mothers stay away from the kid but still feed the baby with breast milk. It also helps the kids that do not know how to suckle properly—it aides mothers who lactate less too. With various uses of breast pumps, two types are available in the market.

One is the manual breast pump, and the other is the electric breast pump. While these two functions the same way, just that the former is completely manual while the later is automatic. It is seen as the biggest difference that had made manual breast pump less popular these days. While this is happening, clinical experts suggest using manual breast pumps over the electric one for many reasons. Certain clinical reasons are worth considering but it all depends on the usage and not on the device. 

Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Breast Pump

As the experts suggest the manual breast pump being the best, it is good for us to know the benefits of it. At the same time, understanding the negative aspects can give you an overall idea of the device.
·         The Biggest advantage one may come across with a manual breast pump is the usage. It is very easy and simple to use
Manual breast pumps are more rationale and natural than the electric ones. Though it is a mechanical device, the process is more or less similar to a kid suckling.·         Manual Breast Pumps are highly comfortable to wear. With the massage cushion in the shield makes it even more convenient.·         Oh yes, the manual pumps are silent. They are less noisy than their electrical counterparts—the biggest advantage when you are at the office.·         Manual Pumps have the versatility that the electric ones do not have. If your kid is well known to suckle, then you can use one breast for the kid and one for the pump. This can never happen in an electric breast pump.·         The manual breast pumps are way too cheaper and affordable too.·         They are weightless and small in size. This feature makes it highly portable too.
There are a few disadvantages too.

Pumping may get tiring. It is a continuous process, and you must be pumping at least for 20 to 25 minutes.·         Upon constant usage, it may cause that the body may deplete the breast milk. This happens only when you use it very often.·         The main disadvantage is about the confusion the kid may have while drinking milk. You alternate bottle and breasts, this may lead to confusion and the kid may refuse to drink milk.·         For a few people, using a manual breast pump causes pain. This can be avoided by using the massage cushion shield, but still, it is painful.

    It is highly recommended to use the breast pump after consulting with the doctor. Use it minimally only when it is unavoidable. But nature has you close to the baby, use it to the maximum and use this device as a short gap arrangement.
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