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Top Reasons to Choose an Arvada Orthodontist

Like choosing any other type of doctor, choosing an orthodontist requires investigation and planning. Orthodontists are facial growth and dental development experts. They can treat crooked teeth, bad bites as well as poorly aligned jaws. Orthodontists are experts and can help children, teens, and adults. There are many qualities to look for in an orthodontist, and if you are considering orthodontic care, there are many great reasons why you should choose Colorado Orthodontics, an Arvada orthodontist.


When visiting an office for orthodontic care you should always look at your Doctor’s credentials. They should not only hold a dental degree but should also have received an orthodontic specialty. They obtain this by going to university for an extra two to three years to receive their Master of Science in orthodontics. You can search the American Association of Orthodontists’ website in order to confirm your doctor’s credentials.


If you are looking for the opportunity to finance your orthodontic care this is something you need to investigate with your prospective orthodontics office. This generally should not be an issue, as most orthodontic offices offer many ways to pay for your treatment, whether this is with a credit card, using third party credit, in-house payment plans or pay as you go.  Some offices also offer a discount if you pay the fee fully before beginning treatment. The most common type of financing for orthodontic care is by an in-house payment plan. Typically, with an in-house payment plan, the cost of treatment is spread out over several months to allow you to pay it off at a pace that is right for you.

Another option for financing is through insurance if your insurance covers orthodontic treatment.  Many insurance policies offer orthodontic coverage that differs from dental insurance, so it is important to be aware of your coverage.


Communication is a huge part of orthodontic treatment, and there should be good communication between you and your orthodontist. This communication should begin with a consultation at the beginning of treatment and continue throughout your orthodontic process.

If the orthodontic treatment is for you, then you will need to give consent to the doctor to perform it. If the treatment is for your child, then you will need to give consent for them to be able to perform the treatment on your child. The doctor should give you all the possible outcomes of any treatment so you can make the right and informed decision.

Office location

This is an obvious factor when picking an orthodontist since you will need to fit your appointment into your schedule. If you are in the Arvada, Colorado area, then we are located conveniently right off the 72.

Feel good about your decision

Never worry if you are making the right decision with your orthodontist. At Colorado Orthodontics,we specialize in highly trained doctors and personalized treatment options, affordable financing, and competitive prices. Change your smile and change your life. Call us to set up your consultation today.
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