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How to Fix your Broken Glasses

There are millions of us that didn’t give in to the wave of laser eye surgeries that took over the market back in the 90’s. Some of us actually prefer to hide behind the glasses, comfortable in our social anxiety. For those that still wear glasses (and 75% of all adults need sight help[i]) there is a unique pain… That of spending hundreds of dollars on designer eyeglasses only to have the frame split.

Broken Specs Shouldn’t cost The Earth

It stands to reason that if you have spent hundreds on a set of spectacles, you shouldn’t then have to fork out another few hundred bucks to have them fixed, should the worst happen. For many of us, medical insurance doesn’t cover designer eye wear. It’s a pretty niche market with some high-brow contenders… but we’re not here to talk spectacle design. We’re here to discuss how to fix them when they break.

There are numerous reasons why your glasses might break. Falling on a drunken night out is one of the more common ones. You might sit or stand on them, have them fall off your face, or break them when you are hit in the face. Whatever the reason, your frames can be put back together again, but not by the people you might think.

What to do when Your Spectacles Break?

When you break your glasses you may find you need a new glass piece. More commonly, the legs will fall off or the glasses will snap between the eyes. When this happens, the optician will be able to replace the screw to reattach a leg – but once it is loose it will keep falling out. Likewise, the glass may be replaced, but if the frame is incorrectly aligned it will pop back out again.

If you have paid minimum money for your spectacles you probably won’t mind buying a new set. If you have spent a small fortune, you need our solution to fixing your broken glasses. What solution? It’s actually very simple. All you need are your glasses (both pieces), a strip of Sugru mouldable rubber, and some tape…

To fix your broken glasses using moldable glue:

1.Clean the area you wish to reattach. Foreign particles can stop it sticking or setting properly.
2.Use a piece of tape to hold the two pieces in place if you need to.
3.Attach your patch of Sugru to the are you want to fix. If it is a clean snap you can wrap it around, if it is a loose screw or eye piece you wish to secure, we suggest pressing it against the edges.
4.When the glue has been placed, leave it to set.
5.That’s all! You should have a perfectly correct set of glasses again.

It really is as simple as that!

Don’t Throw Out Old Spectacles!

In alignment with the world’s need to reduce, reuse, and recycle, you can now perk up old spectacle frames using our hack for fixing broken glasses. There aren’t many things in life that you can’t fix with mouldable rubber. We wonder if it works on relationships…?

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