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Getting Ready for a Move? Things to Consider

Whether you are moving to college or your first apartment, this process is never easy. However, while it comes with a great deal of challenges, it is also an amazing opportunity to find your own way in life, to learn to take responsibility for your actions and words, and to become independent. Moving can be exciting, but you need to organize every step of the process properly. The following tips will help you stay on the right track.

1. Plan your move early
Planning is essential for a successful move. So, once you have decided to move, start planning this multi-step process. If you are moving to college, get familiar with all the guidelines and rules, verify dorm requirements, and create a detailed moving checklist. A solid plan is even more essential for those moving to their first apartment. You need to take care of address change details, learn more about your new area, make a moving inventory, and do a whole range of other things in advance.

2. Compile a packing list
Think about what things you really need in your new home. Keep in mind that, in many cases, it is much better and cheaper to buy some items from your new city rather than packing them up and paying to move them. These may include bulky furniture, cleaning supplies, some clothes, etc. You need to compile a packing list that includes both top items to pack and what not to bring with you.

3. Pack your belongings properly
Once you have a packing list and know exactly what you are going to bring with you, it is time to start packing your belongings. This process will be much easier and more efficient if you have all the needed packing materials on hand. These include cardboard boxes and plastic containers of different sizes, moving blankets, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, high-quality packing tape, etc. Also, keep in mind that most likely you will need professional help with packing fine art, glassware, and other fragile items.

4. Label your boxes
Do not forget to label your boxes as you pack them. You can use colored tape and markers for this purpose. It will greatly facilitate the unpacking process when everything is delivered to your new home. Plus, proper labeling will help you quickly find what you need with a glance. If you have many boxes, number them to make inventorying your household items easier.

5. Find a reliable moving company
Most likely, you will transport small goods by yourself, but if you need to move large items, such as your bed, dryer, washer, etc., you will require help from a professional moving company. You will also need help from experienced movers if you are moving to another state. Be careful with your choice because not all moving companies are the same, and not all movers provide all-inclusive white glove services. Make sure you find the company that will help you navigate throughout the entire moving process.

Consider these simple tips, and your move will be an enjoyable experience. Good luck and happy moving!
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