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Digital Dental Implants - know the Benefits

Dentistry in Australia, as with most areas of healthcare, has seen steady improvements over the last few decades.

With a population that is both ageing and growing, an ever-increasing number of people are suffering from tooth loss. In the past, only bridges and dentures were available to replace missing teeth. But now the treatment includes long-lasting and realistic digital dental implants in Sydney.

Importance of replacing a Missed Tooth:
        Besides affecting the mechanical function the teeth serves, their loss can have other implications as well. The most obvious is the aesthetic. The social and psychological effects of unsightly gaps in your smile can affect the way you feel about yourself. 
        A missed tooth can also lead to other health issues. For example, if you have lost one of your molars, the front teeth can become compressed, and sometimes these teeth are pushed forward as they are not designed for chewing or for supporting facial height. Whereas in extreme cases, your lips can sag, leading to aged appearance because the gum tissues and teeth are supporting the cheeks and lips.
        Further bone loss can also occur shrinking your gums and further aging your appearance.
What are digital dental implants Sydney?

Dental implants act like your missed tooth root. It will hold the crown or artificial teeth in place. Implants are small biocompatible posts made of Titanium or other similar materials that are positioned into the jawbone. The implant will fuse with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, forming a strong bond. Thus it will hold the replacement teeth firmly.

The digital dental implant takes advantage of modern technology. The digital system will allow for a detailed analysis of every aspect of the procedure, from scanning to planning and manufacture. Digital implants use 3D computer models of your jaw for precise implant placement.

The process is simple, and the time spent in the dental chair is reduced. Besides, investing in digital dental implants cost minimises the risk of infection, leading to a speedy recovery.

What are the advantages offered by Digital Dental Implants?
        Digital dental implants can restore the functionality of your teeth. These are the next best options to replace natural teeth. 
        It can improve your speech. 
        Digital dental implants can improve the overall aesthetics of your smile.
        Implants help in retaining the facial structures by supporting the jawbone and other facial features. 
        These are strong and can withstand biting into all foods. 
        With digital dental implants, you don’t have to worry about cavities, but you should still have regular checkups to make sure the implants are kept clean and healthy as possible. 
        Digital dental implants will keep other teeth in their position by preventing the shifting of teeth. 
        The digital dental implants will not fall when you eat, cough, or sneeze like the dentures. Thus it can save you from embarrassment. 
        Digital dental implants last for a lifetime when properly cared for. 
        Besides, compared to traditional dental implants, digital implants offer several benefits. Because of the advancements in scanning, imaging, and computing, the entire process can be streamlined, resulting in greater precision and fewer dental visits. 
        Because the digital implants are placed by making a small incision, there are fewer disturbances to the sensitive gum tissues. This results in a shorter procedure.
        Thus investing in all on 4 dental implants cost Sydney results in greater patient satisfaction compared to any other teeth placement solution.

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