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Coronavirus and Face Masks for Kids - What Parents Have to Know About Them

Recently, United States has announced that all the citizens of the country must wear face coverings in public to safeguard themselves and others from transmission of COVID-19.

Even though, earlier CDC (Center for disease control) stated face masks are mandatory only for people who are symptomatic because of 2 reasons. They are shortage of supply and unless N-95 respiratory masks, others cannot prevent the spread of virus.

Now, CDC is recommending all people either pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic must make use of a face mask in public places such as grocery shopping, visiting medical stores, and others. Face masks are also encouraged in areas of community spread.

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When it comes to kids, wearing masks is scary for the young ones, but if there is no option educating and training will help them in using a mask. The following are few suggestions that help you in guiding your kids to wear masks.

Suggestion to help kids in wearing a face mask

  • Leave at home - It is good to leave your children at home with someone instead of taking them outside in this pandemic situation.
  • Be honest - Explain your children why face masks are important and how it helps to keep them and others to be safe. Use the opportunity offered by face masks and teach them empathy and altruism.
  • Inspire them - Show the pictures of people wearing face masks, for instance, people in medical field, industrial field, and others. With this, they may get inspire and start wearing masks to pretend one of their professionals.
  • Make a trial - For most of the children wearing face mask is a new experience. So, they may feel itchy or any other discomfort. To avoid this, make them try at home. Ask them to wear mask for at least 30 minutes, practice wearing it properly, and make sure whether it fits them properly or not.
Things to remember

  • Not any executive rules for kids - American Academy of Pediatrics stated there is no formal recommendation on wearing masks.
  • Masks are not an ideal option for kids below 2 years - Airways of infants will be too small taking breath from mask will be hard for them. Also, it may create discomfort and suffocation.
  • Mask is not an alternative to maintain social distance - Face mask is for a person who has to visit outside and interact with others and for those who want to defend others from themselves.
So, as parents make sure that your children to stay at home mostly and explain them how to follow preventive measures. Whether kids or adults everyone will be at risk, so purchase top-quality face masks for you and your children from the best supplier today.
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