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Simple Hacks to Make Healthy Homemade Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? We are sure that almost every person on this planet loves cheesy pizza. A lot of people also consider making homemade pizzas and the good part about the homemade pizza is that you can make a healthy choice at home. We are going to share some of the hacks to make healthy pizzas at home. Check out these tips below and try to follow them while you bake the homemade pizza next time.

Flour -Choose a healthy flour. You can opt for a gluten-free floor or you can also opt for wheat flour. These can help you in making the first healthy choice while making pizza for yourself.

Portion Control - It is easier to control the portion size while making the pizza at home. If you are on a diet and if you want a change then you can make small pizzas. They can have the size of an English muffin. This will help you in controlling the amount of calorie intake while you will still be able to enjoy the taste.

Choice of Cheese – Instead of using processed cheese, you can use fresh cheese and this is yet another healthy choice that you can make. You can use ricotta with a little amount of feta. These are the healthier options when compared to the processed cheese that is available in the market.

Fiber-Rich Toppings – Our next hack is to use healthy toppings. For example, use broccoli, lettuce, zucchini, corns, mushrooms, and olives on your pizza. You can add bell peppers as well and these topics will provide you with the right blend of taste and nutrients.

Crust – While preparing the crust, you can season the bread with herbs or you can also use olive oil while preparing the crust. You can make the thin crust to enjoy the pizza. This will reduce the amount of carbs and it will make the pizza a lot crispier.

Sause –The sauce on the base is an important component of the pizza. You can make one yourself instead of using the processed sauces. The fresh sauce can be made with peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and a little seasoning. You can add a minimal amount of salt to it but you can skip on adding the sugar. This will you will reduce the amount of carbs significantly.

No Bread Crust – You can also experiment with the crust of your pizza. A lot of people use different things for the base. For example, you can use flavorless protein powder to make the base of the pizza. Alternatively, you can use cauliflower crust, portabella mushroom and even Quinoa for making the crust. They can add protein to your portion and they can help you in making healthy choices when you are trying to lose weight.

Find here some pizza making tools that will help you to make homemade pizza easily.

Finally, these are some of the simple hacks that can help you in making a healthy choice without compromising on the taste. Try different hacks and do let us know which one you loved the most.

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