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Why do most people undergo Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Most adults get three sets of molars on both their jaws. Human beings lose their teeth through the early adolescence and develop a whole new set of permanent ones. Then there is a brief pass and then again in their adulthood, the final set of teeth, the third molars emerge.

Teeth are classified based on their function and placement. The flatter teeth help in grinding food, whereas the sharp teeth aids in tearing food into smaller pieces. The wisdom teeth are the flat kind of teeth. 

How frequently do human beings get Wisdom Teeth?

There were times when wisdom teeth were essential for our ancestors as they fed on leaves, raw meat, roots, nuts, etc. But now, we cook our food and make it soft before consuming it.

This is the reason why wisdom teeth are not important nowadays. And in most cases, they are removed. Some Anthropologists even believe that human beings have evolved beyond needing wisdom teeth. Hence, sooner or later, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that someday nobody has wisdom teeth anymore.

However, just because you don’t see all your third molars, it doesn’t mean you don’t have them. Sometimes these molars don’t ever become visible or never erupt. Only an x-ray taken by dentist Parramatta can confirm if you have impacted wisdom teeth present under the gums.

Whether these teeth are visible or grow below the gums, wisdom teeth can cause several oral problems. 

Why do most people undergo wisdom teeth removal Parramatta?

As discussed, wisdom teeth are now like a vestigial organ. So the human jaws have adapted to the change and have gotten smaller over time. Although there are so many evolutionary reasons for it, our diet plays a significant role. The smallest jaw means that there is no space to accommodate the wisdom teeth. There are four wisdom teeth in total. However, people can have any number of third molars from none to all four.

All our teeth develop by the time we are 18 years old. But the third molars emerge after this. Therefore wisdom teeth don’t fit. As a result, the impacted wisdom teeth cause so many problems, including: 

·         Crowded teeth 
·         Crooked teeth 
·         Jaw pain 
·         Tumour 
·         Wisdom teeth growing in sideways 
·         Cyst under the gums and 
·         Tooth decay

According to dentists, wisdom teeth removal Parramatta will be necessary if any of the above changes are seen in a patient.

Most often, dentists recommend that teenagers should get their wisdom teeth evaluated and removed before it’s too late. This is because people, who get wisdom teeth removal at a young age, before the tooth roots and bone develops completely, tend to heal better. Also, this helps avoid potential oral problems before they start.

Besides, in most cases, cosmetic dentist Parramatta wait until the wisdom teeth develop before providing any cosmetic dental work to their patients. This is because the third molars, if not removed on time, can push other teeth out of the alignment. This can undo all the hard work of shaping your teeth and jaw.

Wisdom teeth can cause so many problems and thus removing them is a better option.
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