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Understanding the Pros & Cons of tianeptine sodium salt

There have been quite a lot of discussions going on in various communities about the drug called tianeptine sodium salt. Some of the places where these discussions are carried out are Reddit, medium, etc. Well, most of these discussions are on Reddit itself. The discussion is about what different people have gone through after using this drug, well, the reactions are mixed as some people have benefitted from using this drug and some others have suffered. 
So now let’s talk about some pros and cons of using this drug.

Pros and Cons:

Well, here are a few pros and cons of this drug. 


  • A study conducted revealed that tianeptine sodium can boost the memory of a person and along with that it was also increased their reasoning ability and was able to boost their verbal memories. A similar story was corroborated by a Reddit user that after taking tianeptine sodium salt they have seen these benefits in themselves. The started seeing these effects after using the drug for 2 weeks. 
  • In another community, a user said that this drug was able to cure Parkinson’s disease. This statement is true as it has been clinically proven that using tianeptine sodium Reddit can cure Parkinson’s disease and it also has the properties to reduce depression and anxiety of a person. 
  • Some users of this drug, who have been suffering from insomnia, have also said that it has helped them to sleep for a longer period. They have also said that taking the recommended dosage of 10-15 mg per day had immediate anti-depressant effect and there were no side-effects.  
These are some of the pros of tianeptine sodium salt. Along with this, there are other benefits of using this drug. Now let’s have a look at the side effects.


It’s quite understandable that a drug as good as this will have quite a few side-effects too. Well, here are some of its side effects. 

  • The fact that this drug causes sleepiness and migraines is quite true. A Reddit use has said that the person slept for a longer period after taking a high-dosage and that after waking up, that person suffered from migraines and headaches. That person even said that he didn’t have any recollection of what happened as well. The side-effect of having constipation and nausea is quite true as well. 
  • Some users have mentioned that they need to take a higher dosage of the drug every day. The reason behind that is the fact that they have been taking this drug from quite a long time and that too in heavier dosage.
So, these are some of the side-effects of using the drug tianeptine sodium Reddit one could find. There are plenty of online resources available that have further information about this drug. So be sure to refer more to get a better idea. As this drug seems like a double-edged sword. But by any chance, if you even need to take this drug make sure to consult a doctor to ensure a safer medication.

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