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How Important Shower Wipes Are When There Is No Water

You can’t even imagine how much benefit you can get from this simple invention until you need to shower in a situation when this is not possible.

We’re used to living in conditions that everyone takes for granted. Water, electricity, food, and internet connection are all going through a complex process of events to be available for us whenever we need them.

When it comes to water, we realize how important it is only when we lack its presence. In this article, we’ll talk a little more about what to do when there’s none around. Read on and learn more about this situation!

Emergency situations

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations when there’s a problem on which no one can affect. Tornadoes, floods, blizzards, but also pandemics and wars. No one knows what can be expected in the next month, year, or after a decade. See what exactly emergency is here.

Water shortages are a normal thing to experience at least once in your life. Many people with the outbreak of the coronavirus found themselves trapped in airports, highways, and out of normal living conditions for days.

No water, no shower, no basic needs. You can stay in silence and dark if there’s no electricity for days, even weeks if you’re prepared for it, but there’s no solution to lack of these supplies. This is where shower wipes come in handy. You can take care of the essentials with them and stay clean while the worst pass.

Travels, mountain climbing, and troubled locations

If you’ve ever hiked in the mountains, you know that spending some time up there means complete isolation from technology and civilization. No water, no electricity, and no food orders from your favorite restaurant.

When it comes to power, you can take some batteries with you, and the food is also something that you can carry in your backpack. The showering is much more complex. You can’t drag a container with 100 gallons of water. You need a different solution.

The shower wipes are one camping tip that every tour guide and this specialized article on the subject will mention. It is the best, and the only way to stay clean in a situation when there’s no other choice. Of course, unless you have a cabin in the woods and you’re completely connected to the rest of the civilized world. But, if you hike on 3-4 thousand miles above sea level, this is not likely.

How do these wipes work?

Just like regular ones. The difference is that they are made of additional special materials that help you perform a complete shower. Some people choose using them instead of standard showering when they lack the time or are too long stuck at work, so you can be sure that there’s no difference about it.

The only problem why people are not using them constantly is that standard showering will always be more practical. The wipes will additionally pollute the planet if they are used by all several billion people. However, when it comes to emergencies, this option is completely replacing the need for water and maintaining your body clean and fresh.

What if you don’t have them?

It’s best to always have a few packs of them in your home. You never know what can happen and then you might stay sweaty and dirty for days. This is a time when your skin will absorb billions of bacteria. The sweat makes the skin sticky and even more than usual all kinds of dangers will get to your body.

If you’re hiking, the sweating is inevitable. In nature, there are all kinds of dangers that your smell will attract, from small mosquitoes querying all kinds of diseases to large predators being able to detect you from afar. More on mountain dangers, here:


With all the issues we mentioned, it’s clear that getting something like this is a must. It’s not even an option, but a necessity that every home must have at all times. After all, this is nothing that will take too much space, nor the product can be spoiled if it stays on the shelf for a long time.
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