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Common reasons for misunderstanding in a relationship and their resolution

Love is the most unexpected feeling which every individual experience once in his or her lifetime. There are various sacrifices that every individual has to make in order to make a relationship stronger and everlasting. Every individual must make sure he or she is putting in necessary efforts in order to feel his or her loved ones special, cherished and blessed. Meeting someone in a cab ride and falling in love with the same person may prove unexpected and magical at the same time. However, despite best efforts, some common misunderstandings tend to develop in a relationship which can be resolved only through proper communication and commitment.

An individual during his or her first meeting may feel shy expressing his or her love or attractive towards another individual. The first meeting can lead to awkwardness and make the whole situation like a comedy video full of punch lines and hesitations. There can be various reasons for such shyness and subsequent misunderstandings. Some are listed below;

Fear of getting laughed at:

An individual whether man or woman may not express his or her love for someone due to fear of getting laughed at. Moreover, an individual may suffer from a particular problem like stammer which may make an individual awkward and thereby resist his or her efforts of collecting the courage and revealing a love for the individual. Therefore, it depends on the corresponding individual to make his or her partner feel safe. They must try to boost his or her confidence and help come forward with greater zeal and strength.

Self implication:

An individual may self imply what the other individual thinks or tends to think about him or her. An individual may not be confident about his or her attire or way of speaking and self imply of being less attractive due to his or her appearance and looks. For example, an individual may feel shy of revealing his or her love for another person or Hindi romantic poetry may self imply the feelings which another individual has for him or her.

• Lack of communication:

Lack of communication is considered as a major roadblock in a successful relationship. A couple often tends to fail in communicating with each other which proved to be a major deterrent in a strong and healthy relationship. An individual whether man or woman must communicate effectively with each other in order to resolve any mind of misunderstanding and making his or her partner feel comfortable about the whole arrangement.


Arrogance and attitude should find no place in a relationship. Individuals in a relationship must not be arrogant and show attitude to his or her partner which can seriously damage the strength of the relationship. Removing arrogance from one’s life and way of handling things can make a relationship stronger. Online Romantic video and other content made available through social platforms and channels like ALRIGHT can make an individual realize the effect of misunderstandings in one’s love life.

Funny videos like finding love in-cab reveal the need for communication and expressing one’s love for other individuals through a fun and interesting manner. One must make sure of getting rid of such miscommunication and removing such misunderstandings all together.

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