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Non-Surgical Weight Loss

The procedure of Liposuction, commonly known as removal of extra fats deposit under the deep layers of the abdominal, thighs, back, arms , double chin skin.

 It is recommended when exercise and dieting fails to produce remarkable results liposuction is the most preferred choice to get rid of the resistant fat deposits,it is easy and quick method to achieve your desired results.The aim is to create an aesthetic pleasing contours by re-sculpting the body and restores its ideal shape.

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Who are ideal candidates for liposuction?

Active and healthy individuals who are near to their ideal body weight /basal metabolic rate, you will be  a good candidate for liposuction. The results for liposuction also depend upon the skin elasticity and previous scar marks/ stretch marks , which are most common after childbirth. History for previous surgery is very important to avoid major complications of liposuction cannula related injuries. Interested people should contact Dr Barira who is a female plastic surgeon in lahore.

What are the commonly treatment areas for liposuction?

Target areas for liposuction are neck, arms, back, upper and lower abdomen , buttocks , thighs, ankles , calves etc

Procedure of  liposuction

Liposuction is generally  performed under general anesthesia for large areas and under local anesthesia for single target areas .Sterilization of areas is mandatory.

A hollow tube known as cannula  is inserted in the treatment area through a 2mm stab incision. The process of contouring  is then performed with meticulous technique. After the completion of the procedure , compression  garments are provided to the patient to be worn for a few weeks after the surgery.The reshaped area improves following a few weeks after the procedure , however final results can be determined in about three months. 

Cost of liposuction

Liposuction of a single area costs from 40 thousand to 55 thousand depending on anesthesia,medication,compression garments hospital stay and postoperative requirement.

Different types of liposuction

There are many types of liposuction but few of them are explained below for the understanding of people:

1: Traditional liposuction

This is the  traditional and still the most common  form of liposuction world over. The area to be treated is first injected with special  tumescent fluid and later sucked via special tubes by a specialized suction machine,can be used for treatment of small/large areas.

2: Power  Assisted liposuction 

Power assisted liposuction aims to destroy extra fat by vibrating cannula and suction is out by means of a cannula . The procedure is known to minimize bruising in patients.

How does a patient prepare for the procedure ?

During your consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will be offered specific advice about the pre-surgery measures such as dietary modifications and cessation of some medication. You will be advised to have someone drive you home after the procedure .

Explanation of complications

         Bruising is the most common complication and resolves by itself in 2-3 weeks.
         Other problems can be some persistent fluid  collection which also nearly always gets absorbed by the body spontaneously infection and hypertrophic  scar, although documented have never yet been seen in our experienced hands. Some little lumps felt in rare cases which also resolve with time or can be removed actively.


Remember liposuction is a surgery, so always bank upon a reliable and highly experienced plastic/cosmetic surgeon. Dr Barira Female Plastic Surgeon is one of them who has more than 10 years of practice experience for plastic surgery in Lahore.
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