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Is it Safe to Heat Food in a Microwave Oven?

Microwaves are a top priority in every kitchen these days. They can do anything! From minute tasks like reheating food, to baking whole delicious cakes, there is nothing that your microwave oven can't do! This appliance can replace any imaginable appliance in the kitchen!

 You can opt-out of owning even a gas stove in your house because a microwave can cook almost any item of food you can think of! But oftentimes there arises a question. We heat most or all of our food in microwave ovens. Is it safe though? There have been claims in the past and ongoing debates that using a microwave can deteriorate your health. Is it true, though? Let's find out.

Going into technicalities, we know that microwaves are waves of very high frequency (300MHz to 300GHz).

Manufacturers of microwave ovens promote its usage more on the base that it's simple to use and delivers fast results. Our lives are getting busier by the day and we are always on the lookout for things that are both speedy and efficient.

       There are certain misconceptions when it comes to questions about these health issues related to using a microwave. The only danger you are exposing yourself to is by using plastic items inside your microwave. You need to read the labels behind the items that say "Microwave Safe." Only those containers that have this label can be used inside a microwave. Otherwise, plastic melts in extreme heat and releases chemicals that can not only cause health damage but also harm the environment. This has scientifically proven to be the most common health hazard one is exposing themselves to by heating food in a microwave oven.

       There is another common fad related to heating food in microwaves, and this is also among the most common ones. People tend to think that the nutrition present in the food gets lost when they heat food in microwaves. WHO (World Health Organization) had conducted studies and has declared that the quantity of nutrition in food before and after microwaving it, is the same.

       WHO has also confirmed the fact that there is no residual microwave radiation left inside the food after they've been taken out of the microwave oven. This waves off another ridiculous belief of people that the food generated or heated in microwaves become "radioactive". That is, most definitely, not the case.

       Many nutritionists and scientists swear that heating food in a microwave oven for a short period does not result in anything harmful given that you are using proper containers and vessels inside them. Use only Borosil, porcelain and other microwave friendly containers inside these appliances. Microwave ovens are designed in such a manner that the microwaves start flowing only when the device is turned on.

They don't pose any threats to their surroundings or the place they are kept. These appliances cannot harm you when you use them correctly. If you're using a damaged or wrongly handled microwave, then you are susceptible to danger. Most accidents related to microwave ovens in the kitchen occur because of overheating.

That's why it is necessary to service your microwave regularly. Leaked radiations from a damaged microwave oven can be dangerous.

Try not to stand too close to the door of the oven when your food is being heated. If you use your microwave oven like it should be used, then there's no threat to your health pertaining to it.
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