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Full Set of Eyelash Extensions and Refills – Which One to Get and When?

When it comes to maintaining lash extensions, there are two things to consider – refills and full set of extensions. To decide which one to choose among these, you need to know certain things.

Natural Cycle of Growth of Eyelashes

Just like your hair, your natural eyelashes too have a growth cycle. This consists of growth, maturity and shedding, and usually takes 2-3 months.

It’s not necessary that all the lashes would be at the same stage of a growth cycle at a given time; all of them may be at different stages.

If a lash is in the shedding stage, it will take the extension too along with it. This is nothing abnormal and maintaining a timely and regular routine of alternating between refills and full sets will make sure your lashes look always their best.

Health of Your Lashes

Your eyelash extensions Potts Point, e.g.,can look their best only if your natural lashes are in their best health because they are the foundations on which your extensions are supported.

As your natural lash grows out, the point where the extension is glued to it weakens.

To prevent bending and breaking, lash experts recommend to remove extensions once they grow out too far, and applying a new set that can protect your natural lashes.

Fullness and Condition of Your Extensions

Refills are meant for filling in gaps formed when extensions naturally fall. The point where the extensions are bonded to the natural lashes becomes weak because of oil and other impurities.

After around three weeks, the bond begins to shake and is ready to come off. This is the reason why stylists avoid a refill after the 3-week mark as it’s very likely that several extensions will fall out during the next week.

Therefore, stylists suggest getting a refill within the first 3 weeks of applying your new set so that you can get the most out of your extensions.
After 3 weeks, they suggest you to get a new set to ensure your lash extensions last and look their best always.

Stylists Avoid Too Much Glue

When your stylist will apply a new set of extensions to your lashes, they’ll ensure first that your lashes are clean and free from adhesive and residue, because then the bond will be effective.

On the other hand, while applying refills, they use adhesive atop the adhesive that is already in place.
This means that the bond is not very strong and residue will build up on lashes which is not good for the lash health.

To have a soft, full and lush look like that of the classic lash extensions available at Fancy Lash, stylists suggest only one set of refills (in rare cases, maximum two) in between each full set.

Refills for Maintenance Only

Remember that refills are meant for maintenance only and not a replacement of a full set.

A fixed number of refills are applied in a procedure and 50% of lash quantity of a full set will be added. Therefore the service costs less.

As long as the timing between a full set and refill is followed, your lashes should look 70% to 100% in density of the full set after the appointment.
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