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Achieve Your Goals With Fitness Plans Bespoke To You

Have You Fallen Off The Fitness Wagon In 2020? Get Back On!

An individual approach to achieving your fitness goals is essential and is perhaps where you’ve gone wrong if you’re finding it hard to commit to exercise this year.

If you started 2020 with plans to run a marathon and gain a six-pack but have already fallen off the fitness wagon – don’t despair! This doesn’t mean you need to revert to your less-active ways for the rest of the year. Instead, you just need to find a better strategy to improve your individual exercise goals. Let’s start with determining what those goals might be!

Planning Your Goals

It’s really important to be specific about what you’re trying to achieve, as active visualisation will help your mind commit to the plan. Instead of coming up with a vague notion of ‘getting fitter’, come up with something concrete to aim for. This might be to complete a 5k race by the summer, put on a certain percentage of muscle, or lose a stone in weight for example.

You Can’t OuttrainA Bad Diet

Remember though that fitness goes hand in hand with sensible nutrition. So, if your aim is to lose weight, drop a dress size or shed a percentage of body fat, then there’s no point going through hours of effort in the gym only to ruin all your hard work by eating takeaways and baked goods laden with saturated fat. When planning out your fitness goals, make sure that you take a close look at your nutritional intake too to check that it supports your new workout regimen without placing a burden on your body.

Choosing The Right Fitness Plan

Your plan should be tailored to you as an individual as fitness is not a ‘one size fits all’ game. It may be that you need to improve your cardio but perhaps don’t need to gain as much muscle as other people. You should compare your current body composition, along with yourultimate exercise goals when putting together the perfect fitness plan for you to commit to this year.

The Milon Circuit

The Milon circuit is an effective workout strategy for people attending gyms in Rayleigh Essex as well as in the surrounding areas. By committing to the Milon method for just 35 minutes, 6 times per month, you are guaranteed to experience incredible results. The medical grade cardio and resistance machines ensure that you burn fat 15 times faster with 30% more muscle toning than a regular gym workout. You can also benefit from enhanced joint health, better posture and increased circulation. All this for less time and effort than a regular gym workout!

Tailored To Your Individual Physique

As the individual approach to fitness is so essential in helping you achieve your goals, the Milon circuit is ideal as each of the machines will automatically load your personal settings each time you begin a workout. Following a body scan which takes your exact measurements, the cardio and resistance machines will adjust to your optimum range of movement to provide you with a safe and entirely bespoke workout session.

Now that you understand where you’ve gone wrong in January, it’s time to start with a bang in February and get your individual fitness goals back on track! Remember to give yourself plenty of praise and support along the way and you’ll be a happier, healthier you throughout 2020!
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