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Health Concerns Due to Mold and Why Professionals are Preferred to Remove Mold

Mold is a type of fungus. There are all different kinds of mold. Some types of mold may be more hazardous than others. In most cases prolonged exposure to mold can be harmful to the human body, especially to the respiratory system.

Harmful Health Effects Caused by Mold

Mold exposure causes neurological symptoms. Neurological manifestations can be pretty serious. Some of the symptoms are memory loss. It is even suspected that this type of damage is linked to Stachybotrys chartarum spores and this kind of loss. Not only is it being considered by doctors for memory loss to be linked, but also lethargy pulmonary illness.

Exposure to mold can also bring on infections. Persons who have been found to spend a significant amount of time around mold may become easily prone to infections. People who work around damp areas that have mold are consistently warned about the possible outcomes.

Aspergillus is known to be a contributor in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. With this type of illness, the respiratory system suffers damage. With this infection, breathing becomes harder and more complicated.

Mold spores float around through the air. In many cases they can not be seen. As people breath the spores in, after time the body will be effected. Children and infants under no circumstances should be exposed to mold or mold spores. Prior to a home being moved into, it needs to be checked for mold. If mold is found, the home needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Tips on Mold Removal

When removing mold from surfaces like toilets and tile, a antimicrobial cleaner should be used. Pick out a sturdy scrub brush and began scrubbing the surface. To make sure the area has been completely removed of mold, scrub about a foot beyond the molded area. This practice is done, to make that the all of the mold is scrubbed away and none is left.

When removing mold from surfaces like wood it can be a difficult chore. It many cases, the wood may have to simply be removed. After removing the wood, be sure to clean the surface underneath and surrounding surfaces. If needed add new wood to the area. But only after the area has fully dried and it is certain that all the mold is gone. Professionals such as mold removal west denver will make sure that entire area is rid of mold and ready for wood replacement.

The same goes for carpet and drywall. The carpet will likely have to be taken up and thrown away. When removing the carpet, be sure to lift it in a way that mold spores are not scattered throughout the air. It is highly suggested that a face mask is used. If possible during this process, open a window. Drywall will need the same treatment, which is removal and replacement. The experts at mold removal west denver will make sure that the customer has no other choice, but to have the drywall removed.

In cases where the mold can not be washed or scrubbed away, neither can it be removed sanding the area may be the best alternative. Purchase pieces of sand paper. Sand each area thoroughly. After the area has been sanded as much as possible, add mold sealant. Mold sealant will kill any remaining mold fragments. Sealant will also keep the mold from spreading. This process is called encapsulation.

A highly skilled professional is trained to sand and utilize encapsulation options. They are able to recognize when more sanding is needed in an area or if the mold has been completely removed. Being around mold and mold spores can be hazardous, which is why it is best to call a an expert.
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