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Benefits of Glutathione for your Skin and Health in Dubai

Glutathione has gained plenty of media attention these days as a powerful antioxidant for its health benefits. In this guide, we are going to know what glutathione is and what its health benefits are.

Some people embrace the anti-aging and skin whitening benefits of Glutathione injection Dubai. It also helps improve fat metabolism, treat autism and also avoid cancer. Read on to know more about this antioxidant.

About Glutathione

Glutathione is a strong antioxidant that is found in every cell of the human body. There are three types of amino acids or molecules which produce it. The body can produce glutathione in liver. It performs a lot of functions in the body, such as –

        Supports immune system
        Helps produce DNA, the building blocks of cells and proteins
        Breaks down free radicals
        Forms sperm cells
        Helps in the proper functioning of certain enzymes
        Regenerates vitamins C and E
        Helps gallbladder and liver dealing with fats
        Transports mercury off the brain
        Helps in apoptosis process (replacing dead cells)

Low levels of glutathione are also linked with certain diseases. IV supplements or oral supplements can also help improve glutathione levels. Glutathione supplements also stimulate the natural production of glutathione in your body. Some of these supplements are –

        N-acetyl cysteine
        Milk thistle
        Superoxide dismutase

Consuming healthy food and reducing exposure to toxins can also help improve glutathione levels naturally.

Benefits of Glutathione

1.      Improved antioxidant levels

Free radicals are the major culprits behind causing some diseases and aging. This way, antioxidants help deal with free radicals and they also keep the body protected against harmful effects. Glutathione serves as a strong antioxidant, mostly because every cell contains high concentrations in all cells of the body.

2.      Prevents the generation of cancer cells

According to some studies, glutathione plays a vital role to prevent the generation of cancer cells. However, tumors can be less sensitive to chemotherapy due to glutathione. Some more research is required to know the effects of glutathione Dubai.

3.      Reduces cellular damage in liver

Alcohol abuse, hepatitis, and fatty liver disease are some of the common causes behind cellular damage of the liver. According to a clinical study in 2017, glutathione contains antioxidant properties to detoxify the body and treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. More studies are required to confirm its effect.

4.      Skin whitening

A lot of personal care products have glutathione as the main ingredient. In fact, glutathione injections are also available for skin whitening. Some people also use specialized creams and soaps containing this ingredient. Some people prefer glutathione supplements. It is often considered natural for skin whitening, despite lack of scientific evidence.

5.      Improves insulin response

Insulin resistance also develops type 2 disease. Insulin is produced in the body to move sugar from the body into cells for using it to generate energy. According to a small study conducted in 2018, people having insulin resistance are supposed to have lower glutathione levels, especially if they have complications, including retinopathy or neuropathy.

6.      Controlling symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Maintaining levels of glutathione can help treat signs of Parkinson’s disease, as per some research. There are some studies supporting glutathione injection as a therapy. There is also small research that supports oral supplements. 

7.      Reduces ulcerative colitis diseases

Ulcerative colitis has been linked to stress and oxidative damage like several inflammatory diseases. According to an animal study conducted in 2003, taking glutathione supplements can improve some damages to the colon. It needs more research to determine how glutathione works on ulcerative colitis.

8.      Treatment of autism spectrum disorders

There is a lack of glutathione found in children suffering from autism as compared to neuro-typical children or the ones without having this condition. According to a 2011 study, glutathione injections or supplements can help reduce the effects of autism.

Bottom Line

Glutathione is actually is a strong antioxidant that is naturally found in the body and is widely used naturally in day to day life. Lack of this antioxidant can cause a lot of medical conditions, according to researchers. Some people can supplement it with some treatments but they may not be recommended for all. You need to ask your physician as these supplements can hinder the effects of other medications.

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