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7 Signs That Indicate It Is Now Time for a Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are one of the most popular dental treatments that can save your teeth from decays and infections. But not all tooth problems require a root canal. There are some specific signs or symptoms that demand a root canal treatment.

Let’s have a look at signs and symptoms to have Root Canal:

1.     Toothache

If there’s a continuous and intense pain, it’s good to visit the dentist, rather than taking pain killers. This toothache is usually characterizes with a change in its intensity as you change your posture.  Your dentist will examine the infected tooth to see if the infection has affected the nerves or blood vessels.
2.     Broken or cracked tooth

We all might have faced that awkward moment of tooth cracking when eating our favourite foods. Also, a cracked tooth happens when previous dental treatment goes wrong. When a tooth is half-broken, it affects the nerves beneath the surface of the tooth, leading to infection. An infection in one tooth can gradually affect the other tooth as well, for which root canal is the best way to prevent further infection and pain.

3.     Tooth sensitivity

While drinking hot or cold drinks, some of you might feel a sharp, intense pain. This condition is called teeth sensitivity, and it is a symptom of an infected tooth. A damaged tooth can cause tenderness when you drink cold or hot drinks like tea or coffee, chilled water. On visiting the doctor, he/she might recommend a root canal to fix the problem of a sensitive tooth.

4.     Swollen gums or gum infections

Swollen gum is a condition that occurs very less. But a root canal is the best treatment for any diseases in the gum. Swelling can range from being very slight to quiet reddish lump that you can feel. Whereas, severe swelling can be visible to the third person too.

5.     Discolored tooth

A stained or discolored tooth is a sign of nerve damage due to poor hygiene. High exposure to food and drinks can stain the tooth enamel. If there is an infection in the blood vessel or nerves, your dentist will schedule an appointment for a root canal to fix the damaged root.

6.     Gum boils or dental cysts

A pimple on the gum – also known as dental cysts can sometimes form on your gums. A bump in the gum might be due to dead roots or buried teeth. These cysts grow slowly and gradually, causing less discomfort until they become severely infected. A root canal is the best recommended solution to treat such gum pimples. A root canal can also address any dead root tissue to prevent any further cysts from returning.

7.     Tooth cavities and decays

If your tooth has deep decay, no amount of brushing or flossing can heal the pain. If a hole in the tooth is left untreated, it will spread down to the nerve affecting the root of the tooth. Your dentist will suggest a root canal, and then he will fix a crown or go for dental fillings.

We hope now you know why a regular check-up and maintaining oral hygiene is critical. Also, make sure to undergo a root canal treatment from an expert dental clinic where the root canal treatment cost is also affordable and best treatment is received.

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