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My Last Hangover: An Over EZ Review

I didn’t always have debilitating hangovers. When I was 22, I’d spring out of bed around 8 or 9 a.m., after a long night of live music and drinks with friends. I’d be able to go to work and my college classes and be productive at both. But that’s not the case anymore.

Now, if I drink any more than a few beers, three glasses of wine or a couple of cocktails, I know I’m in for it the next day. I wake up, even though I sincerely don’t want to, with a splitting headache, unshakable nausea and a constant feeling of exhaustion that can only be cured by sleeping nearly all day. All I want to do is eat pizza, chug gatorade and blankly gaze at Netflix.

If you’ve ever had a severe hangover like mine, you know that’s no way to spend a day. But you also know how agonizing it can be to skip a concert or simple night out with friends just because you’ll suffer the next day.

Recently, I set out to find a solution to my hangover problem, something that’s just another home remedy. A real solution to my problem.

Over EZ is exactly that. It’s an all-natural hangover prevention supplement you take before you even have your first drink. The claim is that you’ll wake up feeling great, so despite some skepticism, I had to try it. Here’s what I found.

What Is Over EZ?

OverEZ is a simple, single pill that you take before you have your first drink from Ez Lifestyle. It solely includes natural ingredients sourced from the jungles of Brazil. The ingredients, like zinc, chicory root, magnesium and more, are designed to work in a three-part system to completely squash your hangover before it starts. First is the toxin elimination phase, then the liver protection phase, and finally, the body recovery phase.

My Over EZ Experience

After reading the claims on the website and realizing that this product contains nothing but vitamins and minerals (so I don’t have to worry about weird chemicals or artificial ingredients), I decided what’s the worst that could happen.

My friends and I love to go to baseball games, mostly for the hot dogs and giant beers. Before I ordered my first 32-ounce beer, I swallowed the Over EZ supplement pill. I continued to drink three more beers, cheering loudly and eventually feeling substantially buzzed with my friends. At the end of the ninth inning, we finished our greasy snacks, chugged the last of our beers and headed for home.

The next morning I was fearful. I didn’t want to open my eyes and feel the immediate nausea and usual pounding headache at the first sight of light. However, I actually didn’t feel anything at all. It felt like a completely normal day -- one that wasn’t preceded by giant ballpark beers. In fact, one of the best parts was that I felt much more energized than lethargic. I assumed that must be the B vitamins hard at work.

For me, this hangover cure worked extremely well, and I’ve actually already ordered a pack of 36 servings to last me through the baseball season and beyond. While I’m not entirely sure it’s a 100-percent cure-all, I do believe the combination of OverEZ, and maybe a bit of greasy ballpark food to fill my belly, prevented my hangover that day and will prevent many more.
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