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Good Reasons to See an Osteopath Instead of Your GP

Do you struggle with severe neck or back pain that never seems to go away completely? Perhaps you've been to the doctor before and got nothing more than lip service and a prescription for pain killers. While the symptoms may go away temporarily, many find that what they are getting is a short-term solution for their ailments.

The unfortunate truth is that dealing with a physical issue is an uphill struggle for most people. That is unless you get to the bottom of the problem. That's precisely what osteopaths intend to do.

Unlike GPs, osteopaths not only treat the symptoms of neck pain in Melbourne but also address the root cause of the problem. That is the fundamental difference between your local GP and an osteopath.

while a medical professional examines individual symptoms, an osteopath will look at the 'overall individual,' or the body in its totality. 

Consider the following aspects that make osteopathic medicine different from typical doctors:

Osteopathic physicians are more focused on the structural workings of the body.

They get specialized training in the musculoskeletal system, while medical doctors merely have a basic background understanding. Osteopaths, therefore, have a therapeutic as well as a diagnostic advantage; they know how one system in the body impacts the other in detail.

Osteopaths can utilize Osteopathic Manipulative Training (OMT) 

 Osteopaths use a unique form of medical diagnosis technique using only their hands. This kind of medical diagnosis allows the body to heal itself naturally by allowing the blood to stream free to the areas that need it most.

An Osteopath not only utilizes their hands to diagnose but also alleviate the problem

 While a medical physician would prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug to deal with the symptoms at stated value, an osteopath would work to release the muscle tensions. This not only promotes circulation but motivates the body's forces to eradicate the issue, preventing it from re-emerging in the future.

Where doctors handle today signs of an offered problem, osteopaths will take a look at the persistent history of a health problem. 

When you go to a back pain clinic in Melbourne, for example, a medical physician will collect your medical history through a way of blood tests, psychical examinations, and perhaps specific laboratory treatments. 

An osteopath would obtain this very same history by questioning the patient about whether the patient formerly experienced an injury in the back or find certain positions uncomfortable. By getting a patient's history through this technique, osteopaths work to discover the reason for the problem and attempt to treat it at the source.


As you may have already realized, the benefits of osteopathy are quite diverse. However, are they enough to forego seeing your local GP? Well, that's for you to decide.

If you've been to the GP numerous times in the past for the same problem, then you might want to give an osteopath a shot. Depending on the nature of your disorder, you may even wish to see both. The main concern you need to ask yourself is whether you want to treat the symptoms or address the cause of your health problem.
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