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Are Pearls Great As Superfood And Skincare?

If you speak symbolically, everyone wants to have a face that resembles lustrous water pearls. Actually, the connection of pearls and complexion goes centuries back. These marine treasures use is available from the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicines. It was and is used to obtain beautiful look and is also a great health tonic. Eastern culture has been using pearl powders to treat everything ranging from eye infection to TB to sexual dysfunction.

Pearls as superfood

Women really wish to have a single pearl necklace in their jewelry collection but are still unaware about it as superfood. Currently, pearl powder has made way in beauty products. It acts as an obscure healing tonic.

The concept of edible pearl powder - the elements that make pearls strong and luminous will work same on your body…..seems far-fetched. Actually, the small beads contain 30% to 80% calcium along with trace minerals, magnesium, and amino acids. Women mainly lack these elements.

As there is limited research support, whether pearl powder can be used as a supplement there are proponents using a pinch in smoothies or salads. They claim that it is a mood food. It is a tool, which can be used when you feel depleted or weak. It has calming effect on those who lack appetite or have been traveling a lot.

Just like other Eastern culture wellness remedies there is no support from FDA but several research reports state that it protects skin from discoloration. Calcium coats stomach and resolves digestive issues. As it is high in mineral content, it can be used in osteoporosis condition. Includes signal proteins, which fuels the collagen regeneration.

As pearl powder is potent, you can overdose it. Side effects include nausea, gas and fatigue. To avoid internal overdosing consult your doctor prior using.

Pearls as skincare

Pearl is an ingredient used in skincare products. It is used in several ways –

·         Pearl powder mask leaves face soft, soothed, silky and matte
·         It is an ideal face powder, which adds shine-free luminosity to your skin or makeup

Using pearl powder sounds luxurious but the pearls that are unsuitable for jewelry because of imperfections are crushed. The fine powder is used to make several products that could be used for external and internal purpose.
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