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Why Do You Need A Kidney Stones Insurance

A cause of extreme pain, kidney stones form due to hard deposits of acid salts in the organ’s inner lining. An effective way to prevent them is to remain hydrated and reduce salt intake. However, in case you are diagnosed with kidney stones and need to undergo surgery, it can prove to be a financial setback.

Depending on the treatment methodology, the cost can run into several thousands of rupees. This is where a kidney stones insurance can come to your rescue. Read on to know why you must add this insurance policy in your portfolio.

Health insurance may not cover treatment costs for kidney stones

Your health insurance policy may not cover expenses related to the treatment of kidney stones. Even if it provides coverage, there can be a waiting period for the same. In other words, in case you need to undergo surgery within the waiting period, you will not get any reimbursement for the costs incurred.

In such a scenario, a dedicated health insurance plan for kidney stones can give you the much-needed financial cushion. You get a compensation equivalent to the sum insured mentioned in the policy. This prevents depletion of your savings.

Harsh climate making people prone to developing kidney stones

India experiences a pretty harsh climate, particularly during summers. In several cities of North India, temperatures easily cross 40 degrees Celsius and even touch 50. Such high temperatures lead to extreme sweating and passing of highly concentrated urine. It also exposes you to developing kidney stones.

Hence, it’s vital to remain financially cushioned in the event of developing the ailment and a tailor-made kidney stones insurance is your best bet. Such a policy also offers coverage for expenses related to pre-hospitalisation, medication and doctor’s fee, among others.

Timely treatment can prevent chronic kidney ailments

Due to lack of funds, people tend to ignore kidney stones. In some cases, they go for treatment only when the case worsens. However, note that doctors strongly advise treating stones right at the beginning. This is because ignoring them can lead to chronic kidney diseases in the future.

According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), occurrence of kidney-related ailments has almost doubled in the last decade and is expected to rise further in the coming days. Getting kidney stones treated immediately after diagnosis goes a long way in preventing ailments which may require renal replacement therapy.

Health insurance for kidney stones not only provides the required funds for getting rid of these stones, but also prevents the chances of developing critical kidney diseases, with timely treatment.

Ensure you meet essential commitments

Savings directed towards treatment of kidney stones can affect crucial commitments such as payment of insurance premiums, EMIs, utility bills, etc. However, with a kidney stones insurance plan, you can easily meet these commitments as it takes care of costs incurred in treating the ailment.

At the same time, it helps you preserve  the no claims bonus of your health insurance plan. A no claims bonus is offered by health insurers when you don’t make any claim in a year by raising the sum insured at no additional premium. The feature guards you against rising medical inflation, which is one of the highest in India.

The final word

When you purchase a kidney stones insurance cover, it’s essential to compare the sum insured, premium amount, inclusions and exclusions before making a choice. Also, while filling up the proposal form make sure to declare all the information correctly, particularly related to your health. This is because concealing information related to health can lead to claim rejection. 

Pocket Insurance from Bajaj Finserv offers you a financial cushion against a range of odds at an affordable premium. The offerings range in various domains including travel, lifestyle and health, among others.

For example, Kidney Stones Insurance provides coverage up to Rs. 50,000 at a cost-effective premium. You also get coverage for expenses incurred on pre- hospitalisation and hospitalisation along with doctor’s fee and medication. The plan also offers you multiple payment options to choose from as per your convenience.
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