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What You Need to Know About Exercise and Protein Supplements

Research suggests that protein supplements helps in improving the muscle mass and strength in adults who perform exercise such as weight training. Protein supplements are equally effective for both men and women. Protein powder is one of the nutritional supplements.

 Protein and carbohydrates are well known compounds for muscle recovery.  Protein powder can be plant-based, dairy based as there are different types protein powder available in market. Our body needs protein to produce different types of enzymes, hormones and chemicals that are required for a well-functioning and healthy body. 

Intake of protein before workout can optimize muscle development. By having a meal rich in protein or adding the required amount of protein supplements to our diet helps people feel fuller which reduces frequent snacking therefor helping a person in maintaining healthy weight or lose weight if required. Protein also helps in muscle growth. 

Athletes and gym enthusiast can often be seen consuming protein shakes which they believe help them in strength training. Even in developing nations like India people can easily place orders to buy them online just by searching key word such as buy protein supplements online India .The recommended intake of protein in adult women is about 19g and 57g for men.

There are different types of Protein powder, the most popular type is whey protein. Common types of protein supplements are:

·     Whey: It is a water-soluble milk protein also known as complete protein because it contains all amino acids required by human body. This protein is absorbed by body very easily and quickly.
·       Soy: Soy protein is excellent alternative for people who do not consume milk or dairy. It also contains required amino acids. It is best for vegan people and people with milk allergy.
·         Casein: Casein is rich in amino acid known as glutamine which speeds up muscle recovery after exercise. Casein is a dairy product.
·    Pea: Many plant-based protein supplement powder contain pea protein. It is a plant-based alternative to soy protein which is dairy based supplement. Pea protein is rich in amino acid known as arginine.
·         Hemp; Hemp seeds are protein containing essential fatty acids.

People can often be seen surfing net to buy protein online India, Australia, the USAetc are some of those countries. Protein needs changes with the change in calories intake. But it is necessary to keep a check on protein in intake by supplement powder as eating more than the recommended intake results in no benefits. Besides being costly they can displace important carbs from diet. Once our muscle becomes carbs depleted fatigue sets in. 

Consuming too much protein also results in failure to maintain an optimal health. High level of protein in diet also leads to reduce intake of other beneficial food such as fibre rich fruits and vegetables etc. It is not necessary or required by everyone to intake protein supplements. People with diet rich in meat, dairy, fish and eggs and those who do not do intense weight training generally do not require protein supplements. It is generally recommended those people who want to add protein powder in their diet should choose a high-quality product and also consult a doctor or dietician before using it.
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