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Otoplasty: Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is popularly known as cosmetic ear surgery. It is a surgical procedure done to change the position, size, and shape of the ears. An individual who noticed that his/her ears stick out from the head, he/she would be bothered to have the surgery. Once you experience mishap and got the ear or ears injured or birth defect. Indeed, if you have such ear problems since birth as mentioned, you have all the chance to undergo ear corrective surgery. For those who have been asking if the surgery can be for all ages, then it is no. For those planning to undergo the surgery, it is only for age who have reached its full size. The ears usually have their full size after age 5. But, some cases tales the surgery as easy as age 3.

Otoplasty is also known as pinnaplasty. This kind of cosmetic ear surgery is safe. Most of the patients who have undergone the procedure are satisfied with the results. Pinnaplasty is also done by pinning back the ears. This kind of procedure is usually done on teenagers and children, even adults also have it done. Ear pinning is not suitable for 5 years old. The ears of a 5-year old kid are still developing and growing. The ear cartilage is still so soft at a very young age. So, it can't hold the stitches.

What does the surgery involve?

What will happen during the surgical procedure? It depends on the surgery type you had undergone. Otoplasty on an adult or older child can be done with anaesthetic. The procedure involves the following:

1.      A small cut is done behind the ear for exposing the ear cartilage.
2.      If necessary, small pieces of cartilage will be removed.
3.      Putting stitches behind the ear for reshaping or positioning it closer to the head.

Otoplasty takes 1 - 2 hours. If anesthetic is used, you can go home on the same day of the surgery. A bandage around the head helps the ears protected from infection and heals in the new position.  

How is the surgical preparation done?

A patient needs to be prepared, a consultation for otoplasty is very important. A patient must have a consultation first before taking the surgery. You can never go to a cosmetic ear surgical center and instantly do the surgery. Still, a consultation will be the first step when planning for the said surgery to take. Take a visit to a plastic surgeon to talk about ear corrective surgery. At the first visit, the surgeon will do the following:

1.      Check medical history. The surgeon will ask about past and current medical conditions that you must answer especially an ear infection. Tell the surgeon about the medications you are taking or you have recently undergone any surgeries.  
2.      Physical examination. The surgeon examines the ears to determine treatment options for the size, shape, symmetry, and placement. As for your medical record, the doctor will take pictures of the ears for the medical records.
3.      Discussion. Expectations of the surgery are very important to talk about. The patient needs to explain why she/he wants otoplasty. What a patient hopes regarding the appearance of the ears after the surgery. 

Now, if you are a patient that needs the surgery, visit a surgeon for a consultation.
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