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Online Platform For Health care: CityMed Medical Council

Medical emergencies do not inform and arise. They can crop up anytime and anywhere without any pre knowledge. Yes, but keeping pre advance information of apt healthcare’s and from where medical facilities can be made available are in our hands. One of the emerging concepts in this context is online healthcare consultations and treatments. One such facility is CityMed Medical Clinic

CityMed Medical Clinic is a modern primary healthcare facility, which offers a full range of medical services from Auckland (New Zealand). With a motive to provide the best, most comprehensive care to patients without sacrificing convenience or experience of the patient. CityMed Medical Clinic provides a wide and complete package of integrated services covering accidents, family planning, minor surgeries, X-rays, chronic disease care, immunizations, etc. at affordable fees, with assurance over quality. Online services of Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory and Physiotherapy are also embedded within CityMed Medical Clinic.  One of the good appropriate destinations for healthcare, they also provide a platform to doctors to practice family medicine.

The simplest way to determine if you are pregnant is by undertaking a pregnancy test. However, a large number of women are not aware of exactly when to do so; thus, they conceive for months unknowingly. Now this is bad probably because many continue drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Well, fitness trackers can compel women to go through a diagnosis at least by showing an increase in their heart rate, which is a clear sign of conception.  

Now even though it might seem strange but people can catch depression just like any other communicable disease? A study conducted in 2013 showed that when one person in a group ruminates on negatives, and let those get him or her down, the said attitude rubs off on everybody else.

While people try looking out for triggers, there might be none. Major depressive disorder often happens even when one does not experience anything traumatic. Yet detecting five key signs namely hopelessness, agitation, personality alteration, poor self-care practices, and incapacity to attend social gatherings might be helpful.

All the patients who enroll at CityMed (citizenship proof compulsory on enrolment), get immediate doctor’s visit at subsidized fees.  Enrolments can be done through fax, e-mail or in person. Also, review of doctors based on the health issue and prescribed medication is also available from time to time. Consultations are done by appointments, standard consultation time being 15 minutes. Checkups, prescriptions, medications and reviews are done online. The process is fast, simple, easily accessible and convenient, with no complexity or deep understanding needed.

With CityMed Medical Centre, patients can access to a wide range of health practitioners and specialists expertise in their respective studies and get the requisite primary care. In short, treating patients from a distance through digital platform is the crux of these healthcare services.
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