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Hair fall is a nightmare for any individual and is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone could face in their lifetime regarding cosmetic issues. It has affected many individuals with psychological issues as it disturbs the life to a major extend. People often feel exhausted while searching for hair loss remedies with no beneficial results. Hair transplant is gaining popularity nowadays as people are more aware of this procedure and knows that this procedure is the only permanent solution of hair loss. Still being aware people have numerous doubts and misbelieves regarding this procedure.  Hence it is always wise to clear the doubts and consider few necessary things before going under the knife so as to receive perfect and satisfactory results.
Hence here are 5 Questions you should ask yourself before considering hair transplant surgery:

Q1: Am I the right candidate for the hair transplant procedure?

Ans: There are certain indications and considerations to decide whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure or not which can be confirmed by the hair transplant doctor you have booked consultation with.

Some indications are as follows:

1.      Any patient with baldness with good quality/quantity of follicles in donor area.
2.      Patient with good systemic health.
3.      Patient with realistic expectations.

Caution should be exercised in cases of:

1.      Young patients with pattern baldness
2.      Norwood grade VI and VII with inadequate quality/quantity of hair follicles at donor area
3.      Patient’s unrealistic expectations from hair transplant
4.      Alopecia areata

Hence, it is of utmost importance to schedule primary consultation before making up your mind for this procedure.

Q2: Which clinic to choose?

Ans: Choosing the right surgeon and clinic is the most essential requirement to achieve best results which are permanent and natural. Never go with the spur of the moment and think wisely before trusting a clinic. Including, never just rely on monetary issues to opt for a clinic as expertise, qualification and experience matters the most for desirable results and handful amount extra for trusted results is worth spending.

Q3: Are the results long lasting and natural?

Ans: The Good news is yes, when performed by expert and experienced hair transplant doctors it will surely last for lifetime. The choice of technique, avoiding violation of safe area, judicious decision of number of graft extracted and expertise of the surgeon are the few factors considered to achieve long lasting results. Including natural results could only be attained by a surgeon who pursues artistic approach of hair line designing which is rare to find. The angulations of implanting grafts and understanding of implantation pattern in frontal and temporal aspect are the few considerations to achieve natural looking results.

Q4: How much to expect?

Ans: Firstly, Hair transplantation is a restoration procedure and not a regeneration procedure.  It involves shifting of androgen insensitive hair follicles from back and side of the head (donor area) to frontal and vertex area of scalp (recipient area). It is mandatory to make up your mind for realistic expectation as this procedure cannot deliver head full of dense hair as once hair follicles lost are lost for lifetime. This procedure delivers fuller look depending upon your left out hair in the donor area.

Q5: Which technique to opt for?

Ans: The choice of technique depends on Norwood’s classification of extent of hair loss, age of the patient, quality and quantity of your available donor hair and area of baldness which is best suitable suggested by the hair transplant doctor. On an average note, more number of grafts (3000-3500 grafts) if required could be harvested by FUT technique and FUE hair transplant is preferred when there is need of lesser number of grafts (2000-2500 grafts). In cases of extensive hair loss combination technique of FUT and FUE hair transplant is preferred.

Dr Suneet Soni, founder of Medispa centre is one of the forerunners in the field of hair transplantation and is renowned for his farsighted approach to deliver best results and benefit of long term. His excellent surgical skills and extraordinary artistic skills to replicate natural hairline have crowned him as one of the best hair transplant surgeons of India.
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