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Exciting Story Behind Tasty Torrone, The Italian Nougat Confection

When Italians think of their Christmas tables, torrone is always there. In fact, it is not Christmas without one of the region’s oldest desserts. Italian torrone or nougat is a staple holiday treat to add sweetness to a festival and tantalize the sweet tooth with a traditional European confection.

Currently, the food world has different varieties of this authentic sweet. However, all of them fall under two major categories: Soft and hard nougat. You can either enjoy it like a candy or let it melt in your mouth. Generally, the dessert is made using ingredients like honey, sugar, eggs, almonds, hazelnuts, salt, and lemon. The modern-day Italian torrone may have various other ingredients to provide the dessert with a unique taste.  

Enjoyed for centuries, torrone Italian nougat is a classic confection whose origin dates back to the Romans. Before chefs worldwide started trying it in their kitchens, the dessert was limited to a few modern-day European regions. How did it all start?

You can delve into the sweet’s history, which is filled with interesting theories around its parentage and journey to become a Christmas dessert.

History Of Nougat

Determining the exact origin of modern-day nougat is as tricky as finding the inventor of hot water. History books around traditional European dishes are filled with many write-ups around the first recipe of torrone, and most of these pieces are throwing lights on different origin places.  

Some historians link the history of nougat to Cristoforo di Messisbugo’s work in the 16th century, while others trace the confection back to the Romans. There are food historians who noticed the classic confection in the ancient writings of the Roman epicure. A 4th-century AD cookbook, De Re Coquinaria, described a dish made of walnuts, eggs, and honey. It was similar to several Arabian food items without eggs.

The first Italian nougat (torrone) is said to be created in Cremona in the 15th century. The dish was prepared for a wedding. The unique dessert was given the shape of the bell tower of the Cremona cathedral, which was popularly known as Torrione at that time. Historians believe the dish at the wedding celebration was the first torrone, which was named after the bell tower. 

Modern-day Italian Nougat

Torrone has been a part of Italian cuisine for many years, and people in many European countries consider it a staple Christmas dessert. Cremona, which is said to be the home of Italian soft nougat, holds the annual Festa del Torrone, which takes place in November each year. 

During the annual Festa del Torrone, dozens of counters let attendees taste different types of torrone- including gelato, chocolate, pistachio, coffee, and others. The festival also celebrates the wedding of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti, which took place in 1441.

Apart from Cremona, torrone is a popular sweet in all corners of Italy.

Where To Get Nougat?

Although Italy is the best place to taste the dessert made using traditional recipes, you can enjoy it at your home. There are several popular Italian brands that prepare different types of nougat products and supply them to different parts of the world. You can reach the nearest Italian confectionary or an online store to buy the famous torrone.

When you are buying torrone, make sure the product is made by a well-known Italy-based brand.

In The End

Italian nougat (torrone) is a staple Christmas treat, but you can get it anytime to add a little sweetness to your table. Get the product from a reputed Italian online store and munch on the traditional sweet.  
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