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What you need to know about laser resurfacing?

Wrinkles have to be treated on a day to day basis. It helps to get rid of blemishes and look younger. For starters, you can begin with sunscreens, anti-signs, peelings, good habits, proper diet, etc. But if wrinkles are already apparent, the basics will feel out of depth. Laser skin resurfacing (also known as CO2 laser) is your ticket to getting a good skin.

What is laser resurfacing?

It is a laser treatment that removes the superficial part of the skin, causing a newer, unmarked skin to appear in place. Resurfacing promotes collagen stimulation in the dermis, thereby improving wrinkles and scars, in addition to lightening and often eliminating brownish spots.

There are several types of resurfacing, via chemical methods as well as physical methods. The procedures are effective, yet aggressive. Hence the recovery time tends to be longer than other cosmetic procedures. The good news is that laser or CO2 based resurfacing is much better.

Should you get laser skin resurfacing?

Only Aesthetics laser skin resurfacing in Singapore is for people who want to treat wrinkles around mouth or on forehead. It is also for people who want to treat non-responsive skin and shallow scars resulting from acne. If you are a patient of any of these conditions, you may be a perfect candidate for this procedure.

If you have dark skin or suffering from active acne, you do not qualify as a candidate. The procedure works wonders for stretch marks. Consult with your doctor to know whether laser resurfacing is right for you. Such is discussions is essential prior to the procedure.

Why is this laser so powerful?

The greatest advantage of laser is that it has a high affinity for water present in the skin, causing rapid increase in temperature and destruction of tissue. As it causes a greater degree of tissue damage, it delivers better results. The rays penetrate to the second layer of the skin.This laser also stimulates collagen remodeling and skin contraction, which causes a decrease in sagging.

Additional advantages of Laser Resurfacing

In addition to treating fine lines of the face, especially those around the mouth, eyes, cheekbones, and forehead, laser resurfacing also treats sagging eyelids and facial contour. Another advantage of this treatment is that it eliminates facial blemishes and scars, including those caused by acne.

Types of Laser Resurfacing

·         Co2 Laser Resurfacing: The Co2 laser resurfacing is used to treat a range of skin issues, such as wrinkles, warts, excessive oil glands and scars. It makes use of short pulsed light energy delivered in scanning pattern, to remove thinner layers of skin without involving too much heat. The very short pulsed light energy is also known as the ultra-purse. The method involves recovery of up to two weeks.
·         Erbium Laser Resurfacing:It is to remove surface-level and slightly deep lines. In addition, it helps remove wrinkles on face, neck, chest and hands. The highlight of this method is the minimal burning of surrounding tissue. It involves a few side effects – swelling, redness and bruising. But, the recovery time is faster than it is with Co2 laser resurfacing.
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