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The State of Art in the Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure is the combined process of the science and art that includes the artistic part more than that of the surgical skills and the performing surgeon must have both the expertise in order to offer the best aesthetic outcomes. The procedure itself a method that makes the possibility of transferring the hair roots from the donor areas to the recipient balding part. However, it is a way to shift the grafts to the balding part and sort out the issue of baldness effectively. 

The procedure may get influenced by the technology or the modern equipment, but the effect of total natural outcome can only be achieved if the surgeon has well-versed artistic skills and proficiency to perform the surgery.

The hair transplant cost in Delhi allows you to get the procedure at a reasonable cost that calls patients across the globe. The procedure itself an aesthetic way to meet the desired goal and hence it is an important aspect to consider the artistic part of the surgery.

In this article, we are mentioning the Artistic concern of the surgery that is needed at the most fundamental step in the hair transplant procedure is described below: -

1.     The Harvesting Process: The concept of hair transplant procedure is revolutionized with the way of the harvesting as well. The FUT or the follicular unit transplant has the main concern in the surgery that gives the permanent hair follicles/graft involves the surgical job, but the decision of harvesting the strip of the skin is an artistic part of the surgery. It needs a careful decision and evaluation in terms of the logical definition of the donor area’s uses for the procedure. The performing surgeon always considers the harvesting process with the availability of the safe donor part as well as the need for recipient part in such a manner that the possibility of the future session from the safe donor area will be quite obvious. However, the decision to harvest the strip of the skin is itself an artistic concern in the surgery.

2.     Preparation of Graft Vs. Graft Yield Estimation: The graft preparation in the surgery followed by the dissection job itself a planning, careful decision and an evaluative process that is done by the extreme proficiency and expertise. The preparations of graft that are obtained via the use of the higher magnification of microscopes allow a technician to collect the most viable number of grafts to cover the respective grade of baldness. 

Even though the dissection of grafts involves the surgical preparation that a technician performs meticulously and an extreme aesthetic sense is needed in order to collect them viable to fulfil the restoration requirement. A careful dissection needs the utmost artistic sense in terms of dissecting the grafts minutely, holding the graft from the tip side as well as making the feasibility of keeping it alive until the implantation. Thus, it helps in meeting the desired goal of the hair transplant procedure.

3.     Recipient site creation for Graft Implantation: The creation of recipient site is one of the most concerning artistic task that needs the proficiency and the outstanding skills from the surgeon’s side. The recipient site is created by making a groove for the plantation of grafts and one can receive the best artistic result of the procedure. The groove for the graft implantation should be aesthetically matched to the original graft plantation with a certain depth and density. However, one can receive the most natural effect of the surgery.

4.     The Hairline design: The hairline design is the most aesthetic concern that needs utmost precision as it requires the painting skill and the expertise in order to make the designing as according to the patient’s facial profile, age, and gender. The male hairline is different from the female one and a Surgeon must keep this thing in mind while making the hairline for the graft placement.

5.     The Implantation of Grafts: The implantation of the graft is also an artistic concern that is required to implant every graft with utmost precision and artistic concern. The hairline must be matched and balanced via the right placement of the graft with a right angle and direction. The angle, direction and density must6 kept in mind while implanting the viable graft into the balding areas of the scalp.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a combined set of the artist as well as the surgical qualification and skills to meet the desired goal of the hair transplant procedure.
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