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Are There Non-Cosmetic Reasons for NoseJobs?

When you hear the words nose job or rhinoplasty, we can bet that your first thought is of men or women hoping that this surgery will give them to get the perfect nose in order to improve their looks. They will be wanting to straighten a crooked nose, narrow the bridge at the top of the nose, reshape the tip, or have something else done that will change how it looks.

While a good portion of people that undergo a rhinoplasty do fall into the above category, there are some other reasons why somebody might think about or even need a nose job. Most of these reasons are due to medical conditions that need correcting.

·         Chronic Sinus Problems

One reason many people consider rhinoplasty is due to suffering from chronic sinus problems. This could be sinus congestion or nasal allergies that are giving people a rough time and in most cases, a nose job can correct the problems that they are experiencing.

·         Cleft Lip or Palate

One of the most common birth defects is a cleft lip or palate which is where the mouth and face of a newborn have not grown to connect as they should have. Technically this is still surgery to improve the appearance of a patient but it is also deemed necessary in a medical sense as well.

·         Deviated Nasal Septum

Another reason somebody may require a rhinoplasty is when they have a deviated nasal septum. This is a condition where people have a septum that is off-center and giving them problems breathing through their nose.

Are There Risks When Undergoing Rhinoplasty?

As with any kind of surgery, there certainly are many risks associated with undergoing rhinoplasty. Patients run the risk of infections, all of the risks of going under anesthesia, breathing difficulties, and of course, the risk of not being satisfied with the results. The latter in particular may call for yet another operation to revise the results at even more expense.

Are There Alternatives to Nose Surgery?

For medical reasons probably not but in terms of improving the cosmetic nature, there have been a few alternatives over the years.

Injectable nose jobs which can be done within minutes have become popular recently. These involve injecting fillers such as Botox into areas of the nose to improve its aesthetics. Additionally, there are nose correcting braces on the market such as the Rhino Correct which can be seen at


While it is easy to assume that anyone who mentions they have had nose surgery has had it done just to improve their looks, it sometimes pays to remember that in some cases this surgery was completely necessary. Besides, if somebody wants to look better and has the money to spend on an expensive operation, surely that is their own choice?
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