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Ways To Speed Up The Motion Of Your Foot After A Surgical Operation

Your feet are a huge part of your life. It is one of the most frequently used parts of the human body. When they don't work as they should or when there is a decrease in the function it is noticeable. The effects of poor foot motion are detrimental to your quality of life. However, that is not to say that there isn't anything that can be done about it. Here are five ways that you can take better care of your feet.


It is simple, but more people than you'd think don't practice preventative care. The best way to treat foot damage is to make sure that it never happens in the first place. Preventative care extends beyond seeing a doctor. It entails properly stretching your feet and ankles before activity.

As you increase in age you may find that your body responds differently. If you notice a decrease in motion, recovery time, or unexpected pain it may be time for a change. Take the appropriate action to ensure that your foot's health is secured

Non-Weight Bearing Workouts

Ankle injuries are extremely common, mostly due to the complex structure of human anatomy. Walking, jumping, or falling incorrectly can result in a traumatic experience. One way to help prevent injury and regain much-needed motion is by stretching those tiny muscles. There are plenty of exercises you can do from home.

Visit website for a list of non-weight bearing ones. Not bearing weight on the foot/ankle means that there is very little impact involved. These practices are great for anyone at any age. Doing these can help prevent re-injury or help protect your foot in the future.

Foot Wear

Wearing proper footwear is important. The soles of your feet heal, and toes are all vulnerable if you aren't wearing the correct shoes. Not all footwear is created equal. For example, it may not be best to wear a pair of minimalistic running shoes while playing basketball.

Neither would it be prudent to wear basketball shoes when running a marathon. Knowing what footwear has to offer starts with education. Become educated on what is best for your feet and do it. In some instances, the support that is gained with supportive footwear can also help increase motion and range.


Diet runs parallel to preventative practices. If you have diabetes then you will immediately understand how diet plays a role. Eating terrible foods can result in the buildup of toxins within the blood, joints, and bones. If these toxins are extreme enough they can become extremely painful. One of the most common toxins causes Gout.

Gout is caused by the buildup of Uric Acid in the blood that sends needle-like crystals to the joints. The sensation is extremely painful. Others include diabetic neuropathy and nerve damage. Eating properly starts with understanding how your body reacts to certain foods. Remember, you get out what you put in. If you put poor food in than you will get poor performance.


In some cases, intervention may be required. If there is a bone spur that causes you great pain it may require intervention. Whether it is going in for a massive surgery or an outpatient procedure the advice remains the same. Get help. Having doctors intervene can prevent things from getting worse. It can help prevent lasting damage that could result in permeant damage. Taking appropriate action means doing what is best for the future.

In Conclusion

When it comes to foot health there is no easy fix. Staying ahead of your health with exercise and diet are key. It is also important not to forget about modern medical intervention, despite how scary it may be.
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