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Save Money with Used Cosmetic Lasers

Used Cosmetic Lasers: Safe, Inexpensive and Reliable

There are many choices when it comes to purchasing a new or used cosmetic lasers. Don't Panic. Read on the options have been narrowed for your business.

What are cosmetic Lasers? 

A laser, which stands for light amplification stimulated emission of radiation, is a single color of focused energy light that is transmitted in a small area. It is used by devices to drill, cut, guide and align in surgical procedures. Laser works in a cosmetic application which modulates the frequency of light to produce heat in a specific area.  There are two types of lasers. They are ablative lasers which work on the top layer of damaged skin. And non-ablative lasers which work beneath damage skin. The way laser works in cosmetic processes which modulates the frequency of light to produce heat in a specific area. 

What are the uses of cosmetic laser devices?

There are many cosmetic uses for cosmetic laser devices. The type of procedures that are performed will determine the type of laser device that is required. The cosmetic laser uses include eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, eliminating lesions acne and hair removal.

1. Fine lines and wrinkles: The removal of fine lines and wrinkles require a combination of skin surfing and skin tightening. It is performed with a more aggressive ablative laser such as the Erbium (YAG) or carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. The carbon dioxide laser also commonly used to remove warts and skin tags, and it is also popular in cutting in laser-assisted surgeries.  

2. Skin Tightening: The best skin tightening procedure is with the carbon dioxide laser. It is the laser of choice for significant tightening results and increased collagen production. 

3. Lesions: There are many types of lesions such as pigment lesions, pre-cancerous lesions and vascular lesions.  

3a. Pigmented lesion: Erbium (YAG) is one of the most commonly used lasers for pigmented lesions such as age spots, melasma, and sunspots.

3b. Pre-cancerous Lesions: Although using a scalpel is the most effective way of removing pre-cancerous lesions. The use of CO2 and YAG can be used as well to remove the pre-cancerous lesions as well as tattoos and acne.

3c. Vascular Lesions: A couple of minimum invasive procedures can be used on vascular lesions, which are broken blood vessels, spider veins and birthmarks. YAG and CO2 lasers are also popular for treating vascular lesions.

Investing in an invasive laser device can be a difficult task. Costs can be expensive, and the research can be time-consuming. If your goals are to expand your business quickly and effectively, here are some necessary steps to help answer your questions, eliminate stress, simplify the process and save money as well.

Used Cosmetic Laser Devices 

Buyers should give serious consideration to pre-owned cosmetic laser devices. There are a lot of used cosmetic lasers available in after-market. Either because they have been repossessed or the devices have been upgraded with newer purchases. Pre-owned laser devices have a reliable life expectancy if they are in good condition. Expected savings can be upward of 70% of the retail price. Whether you are purchasing from a company that owns the inventory outright or a broker. Do your homework. Small businesses are usually good place to start.

Performance Expectations

There are many manufacturers out there, such as Palomar Medical, Lumenis, Syneron and others. Many companies sell competing products, so your services need should be specified. Some companies offer a product called a workhorse. A workhorse is a base unit that performs multiple types of treatments such as skin tightening, hair removal and acne by changing out certain handpieces. With a workhorse base unit, you can start one or two treatments options at a time and then add pieces at a time. This option can be sufficient for small businesses, but if there are several physicians on your staff, the number of treatment is limited. It is best to invest in devices dedicated to the services offered to avoid wait time.

Return on an Investments

Several questions need to be answered when it comes to your purchase. What is your budget? How quickly can the investments be repaid? What price range and how many treatments are required to recoup investments as soon as possible? Will the cosmetic laser be financed or will existing capital will be used. If there is no demand for aesthetic services, then one should be created. The market can be created by ensuring your patients and potential customers are aware of your service.

Sales Team or broker knowledge  

Knowledge of a sales team is important but often is an overlooked asset when purchasing a cosmetic laser device. Find a sales team that understands the difference in technology and can provide invaluable assistance when identifying laser devices that fit your specific needs and price range.

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