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Is Electronics The Main Cause For Your Disturbed Sleep?

A very high percentage of people all around admit to using electronic gadgets just before sleep. The usage of electronic devices is equally high in not just adults but also children too. If you are also among this percentage of population then you should know that it can impact your ability to sleep as it stimulates you psychologically and makes it hard to settle down and sleep despite sleeping on one of the best bed mattresses available in the market. 

With smartphones, tablets and other such viewing devices becoming a major part of a person’s life it is quite hard to not use it even at bedtime. The primary reason for affecting sleep is the light that is emitted from it. Here are some of the ways it affects your sleep.

Effect of blue light: The brightest and the strongest light that can affect the retina is the blue light, especially at night. This light is emitted by the electronic gadgets and this light can confuse the brain as it sees it as sunlight and causes the production of melatonin. This hormone regulates the sleep-wake cycle in the body and is produced at night to induce sleep. When the brain receives this light at night due to the usage of electronic devices, the melatonin release is delayed and hence the onset of sleep becomes harder and can put the sleep-wake cycle in the body out of sync. 

Increases cortisol levels: Watching a thriller on TV, playing stimulating games on your smartphone or even responding to stressful work emails can activate your brain to keep it alert. That triggers a mode in the body called fight or flight mode and in response to that the body releases cortisol which is a stress hormone. When cortisol is produced in your body, melatonin production is delayed and this causes a spiral effect of high stress and low sleep. Thus the body does not get enough sleep and increases cortisol levels which prevent melatonin production. 

Noise: Apart from the problem of blue light emission the other reason it can disrupt sleep is the noise that these devices produce which can interfere and disturb your sleep. A smartphone often introduces many sounds into the environment like the chimes and beeps of text and other notifications. These noises can jolt you awake from your sleep. It is recommended that people put the phones on silent mode so that these sounds do not disturb your sleep. 

Other interferences: Apart from the sound pollution it creates in your bedroom these electronic devices emit signals which affect the quality of sleep even if the phone is put on silent. The best way is to get rid of these devices while you are sleeping so that the wi-fi and the electromagnetic signals do not harm your slumber in any way.

Ways to power down
  • Make a bedtime routine: A regular bedtime routine and following good sleeping practices can help you in the long run. Make a sleep schedule and ensure you stick to it so that your internal body clock is perfectly in sync. Follow a healthy lifestyle by eating right and doing regular exercise.
  • Limit using electronic devices: The best way to power down as your evening progresses is to limit the use of e-devices. Do less stimulating activities like watching a video or playing games so that your brain can power down.
  • Use the right mattress: Invest in a top-quality memory foam mattress based on your preferences as that can help you to sleep better. The best-recommended mattress online isWakefit and they high-quality mattresses at affordable prices and they come in various sizes from single bed mattress online to custom made. 

Make sure to switch off your mobile and all other devices before you hit the sack to get a peaceful sleep.
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