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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of A Power Nap

Feeling lazy?

You probably just grab a cup of coffee or go for a walk, to stay awake. But, another thing that has been proven a brain-booster is a power nap. A short nap can boost your memory, job performance, lighten your mood, keep you attentive, and minimize stress.

According to a study, a 60-minute nap can keep you alert for up to 10 hours. Different areas all over the world use different terms for a power nap. Countries like China and Japan legally offer a particular nap period after a mid day meal where no one is allowed to do work other than rest.

Cozy up to the five magical nap benefits:

It Simply Takes 20 Min

15 to 20 minutes short nap is what you need to feel more energized as the chemicals in the brain rebalance, leaving you mentally active. It is commonly recommended for short-term alertness and does not even leave you feeling dopey or hindering your nighttime sleep.

A study at NASA found that a 40-minute nap can enhance performance by 34%. However, every individual's body works differently; some feel more comfortable in taking 30 minutes, whereas others are more likely to take longer naps. Make sure you are not taking it for a prolonged period as it can make you feel groggy.

It Recharges Your Mind

It is another natural and powerful remedy for sleep-deprived, leaving you with many health benefits. However, it also depends on how long you are napping and how comfortable you are with your bedding. If it's been a while since you change your bedding accessories, you can consider Southern California mattress superstores to give yourself a more peaceful and relaxing sleep.

While a 15 to 20-minute nap is ideal for improving attention and motor skills, a 60 to 90-minute sleep may bring rapid eye movement. It further helps in making new connections in the brain and supports improving creative skills.

It Gives Your Skin a Rest

Taking an insufficient amount of sleep can cause swollen eyes, under-eye dark circles, paler skin, more fine lines, and wrinkles. So, first, make sure that you are taking 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night.

And those who are dealing with sleep deprivation, a short nap in the afternoon combined with the little warm-up can not only improve bedtime sleep, but also promotes youthful skin. During sleep, the blood flow of your skin increases, it rebuilds the skin's collagen and repairs sun damage, which in turn reduce age spots and wrinkles.

It is like a charger for little ones

Kids often stop taking naps long before as they enter preschool age. You should understand that naps are crucial for learning and overall development at that age.

Since younger kids have lesser capabilities to store short-term memories, therefore they need frequent sleep and short naps. Kids who nap habitually are more able to memorize things they read or learned.

It Helps Fight with Diseases

Sleep deprivation can lead to excess cortisol production in the body. It plays a vital role in our body, such as dealing with stress responses, blood-glucose concentration, and more. But excess of it can increase glucose intolerance, abdominal fat.

Further, it can weaken your immune systems, learning abilities, and levels of testosterone and growth hormone in our body. These effects can cause heart disease and diabetes.

During sleep, you release growth hormone, which improves your immune system, which in turn lowers anxiety and stress, and supports muscle repair and fat loss. Napping helps your body and brain to heal and rest.

Now that you know some surprising benefits of a quick nap start incorporating it into your daily schedule from now and stay fit!

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