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Treat PCOs with Ayurvedic medicines

PCOs or Polycystic ovarian syndrome is actually a very common disorder from which young women suffer these days a lot. This mainly happens when they reach their child bearing age and this can be considered as the sole reason for which women suffer from infertility at present. This happens because there is a hormonal imbalance in their body.

The major symptoms or PCOS can be found when one has irregular period cycles along with a high percentage of androgens in a woman’s body. There are some natural remedies for PCOs which one can get sitting at home. These are very common remedies and are widely chosen alternatives because these days most women root for natural remedies. Some of the treatments come with dietary restrictions and norms which one has to follow when they are taking these treatment options so that they get the best results.

Instead of using various kinds of medications, this is a treatment procedure where the patient has to stick to some strict lifestyle norms and regulations and follow certain eating habits so that they can get relief as fast as possible. Here are a few restrictions that one might have to follow:

One needs to space out the intake amount of carbohydrates for a period of time and that too mostly in the day.

     One has to eat some steer clean foods that have to be processed well and they should be super refined. It is a good idea to stay away from sugar (especially the white ones) and stick more to whole grains and complex carbohydrates.

     Drinking a good amount of fluid and water is a must. One needs to have at least 7 to 8 glasses of water on a regular basis. One has to stay away from any caffeinated drinks and when one is under Ayurvedic treatment then taking caffeine is severely discouraged.

     One has to avoid certain food items which will make them even hungrier. It is a great idea to stay away from high sugar content foods as they are not good for treatment.

     Fruits should be there in a regular diet. One can take almost 5 servings of fruit and vegetables on a regular basis so that they can increase their immunity.

The PCOs syndromes can be treated with the help of Ayurvedic medicine for polycystic ovaries. There are a lot of Ayurvedic herbs which have many medicinal properties. PCOs can only happen when there is a hormonal imbalance in the body and when one wants to regulate those sex hormones; they can go for the intake of dandelion, milk thistle, false unicorn root and some more. If there is a case of insulin resistance then that can be battled with fenugreek, neem ,tulsi and basil. One can also use form flax seed and primrose oil so that they can get cure of cardiovascular ailments.

When one is going for Ayurvedic treatments, they have to take helps from an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner who can be of big help.
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