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The Perfect Supports for Constipation Issues

Constipation can be caused by a diet that is not high in fiber, lack of exercise, or conditions such as hypothyroidism.

Some medications, like antidepressants, antacids can also cause constipation. If your constipation lasts more than two weeks it is recommended to consult a doctor. It can be a sign of pathology such as bowel obstruction and in this case, hospitalization is essential.

If constipation is sometimes embarrassing, even painful, most of the time it does not matter and eventually passes. But in some cases, constipation continues, episodes are repeated for months or years, accompanied by severe pain and hospital stays. This is called chronic or severe constipation, and management is special.

Constipation is an inconvenience that can affect us one day or another. If she is mostly transient, in some cases she may settle down and cause severe pain and bloating. Women are more concerned than men. Constipation is also very common in children. Boys are more affected than girls. The CBD Suppositories clearly offer the solutions here.

It is sometimes difficult to identify the cause. In consultation, the gastroenterologist verifies by a blood test that there is no renal failure, thyroid problem or anemia. They symptoms worsen or a family history of colon cancer, he will propose colon exploration by colonoscopy.

It can also search for a drug cause, knowing that morphine-based painkillers or anti-hypertensives slow down the transit. But, very often, the real reasons are to look for the side of the hygiene of life.

Stay tuned to your body

Every morning, the gut sends signals that it is important to listen under penalty of disrupting a beautiful mechanism. While we are still asleep, the digestive tract starts again around four or five in the morning.
Ideally, one should settle quietly in quiet, clean and well isolated toilets. Many people became constipated in childhood because their school toilets were dirty and totally lacking in privacy.

Enrich your diet with fiber

Studies show that a diet high enough in fiber, 25 to 30 grams per day, increases the frequency of bowel movements. But the French, especially women and children, are far from the mark.

Fiber from fruits, vegetables or whole grains is only partially digested in the intestine and holds water. This phenomenon increases the volume of stool and evacuation is facilitated.

To avoid the risk of bloating and intestinal pain, it is necessary to gradually increase its fiber intake over a period of ten days.

·         Foods rich in fiber
·         Almonds with skin: 12.6 g
·         Dried figs: 11.4
·         Cooked red beans: 7.3
·         Fresh raspberries: 6.7
·         Prunes: 5.8
·         Whole bread: 5.6
·         Cooked leeks: 3.2
·         For 100 grams

No need to drink more water than usual. However, mineral waters rich in magnesium (Hepar, Rozana) have laxative properties.
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