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Prenatal Yoga Classes – A Godsend For Pregnant Women

Baby on the way? Congratulations! It must be challenging to put a finger on those changing feelings. Excitement, happiness, uncertainty, scared, overwhelmed, all at the same time. It’s confusing, isn’t it? The kicks are delightful, but the cramps are unbearable. You might be glowing with happiness and all that extra energy (wait for the second trimester) one minute and overwhelmed by emotions the next. While many have tried, but no one person could quite explain the feeling of having a life growing inside of you. There are mood swings, hormonal changes, weight gain, and so much more you’ll have to prepare for during your pregnancy. And that is where a prenatal yoga class in Delhi NCR can be a godsend for you during those 9 months.

Now the question on all of your minds.

Is it even safe to practice yoga during pregnancy?

First and foremost, yoga is not just about the flexibility and twisting and turning your body. In fact, if done correctly and under the right supervision, prenatal yoga can be extremely beneficial for pregnant moms-to-be. Since yoga during pregnancy focuses more on relaxing and calming techniques by using various breathing exercises, this can help prepare you for the physical and emotional changes about to occur during pregnancy like labor, birth, and motherhood.

Yoga relaxes the mind and body, providing the physical and emotional stress relief your body needs throughout pregnancy. A lot of women are known to practice prenatal yoga to increase their chances of a normal delivery.

Prenatal Yoga for Every Trimester

Just like any other form of exercise, prenatal yoga is tailored according to each trimester. Why? Well, no one trimester is the same. With each trimester your baby and the bump grows. And to accommodate that, every asana needs to be tailored to your trimester. Here’s how.

First trimester

Once you get to know your due date, check in with your gynae about any restrictions or precautions that you must take before you head to join your prenatal yoga class. Next, step, find an instructor with prenatal yoga experience and check for references. As for the asanas, there generally aren’t too many restrictions during the first trimester, but it’s probably best to take it slow and not push your limits, especially if you weren’t into exercising before.

Second trimester

Keep track of the changes occurring in your body and the shifting sense of balance. Don’t rush the asanas, move more slowly, and don’t hold poses for a more extended period if they are comfortable. Pro tip - Start using a wedge or pillow to raise your upper body when lying down, you’ll thank us later!

Third trimester

Okay, the third trimester is the time for you to be real cautious, take precautions and take it nice and easy. As your center of gravity shifts, therefore, it’s a good idea to do balancing poses against a wall or use a chair to support yourself. You can also use blocks or straps for added stability. Remember, take it slow, and don’t hold poses very long.

Now, those were a few trimester-specific tips to keep while practicing prenatal yoga for first-timers. But the need for precaution doesn’t stop there, so, here are a few more generic need-to-know to ensure that you get the best out of your prenatal yoga classes in Delhi NCR

Firstly, we would recommend that you search for a certified yoga instructor providing excellent prenatal yoga classes in Delhi NCR. As pregnancy is not something to be taken lightly and therefore, you need all the expertise you can get.

Next tip - as soon as you finish your second trimester, your body’s centre of gravity shifts. So, make sure that you use some form of additional support for asanas that involve balancing on your heels or toes.

Third – In every asana that you bend forward, hinge from your hips, leading with your breastbone and extend the spine from the top of your head to the tailbone. This technique will make breathing easier for you as it allows the ribs more space to move.

Fourth – Ensure that you keep the pelvis in a neutral position during the asanas by using the abdominal muscles and slightly tucking the tailbone down. This can help in preventing and reducing sciatic pain that a lot of women are said to suffer from during pregnancy.

Fifth – While practicing asanas that involve turning around, make sure to twist more from your shoulders and the back rather than turning your waist. This will avoid unnecessary pressure on your bump and keep you relaxed. Another pointer, do not make any sudden moves or deep twists.

Prenatal yoga during pregnancy not only makes sure that you stay healthy during this period but also helps ease labor, and aids recovery post delivery. What’s more, exercising during pregnancy is said to be beneficial for the baby’s health too!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for a prenatal yoga class in Delhi NCR and get the numerous benefits it has to offer.
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