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Perfect Use of the Help Oil

At a water pipe, the smoke comes through the water and is cooled here. This makes it feel softer. It does not make smoking less harmful. In many cases, someone inhales the smoke from the water pipe deeper and longer. By the way of inhalation, the harmfulness increases.


When using a vaporizer, cannabis is heated to a certain temperature. It does not burn, causing harmful carbon monoxide and tar to be released. The operation of the vaporizer or evaporator is based on the fact that THC evaporates at a temperature that is below the focal point of the weed plant. The weed is heated in a glass cup by blowing air through ± 200 ° C. This warm air with the THC and the fragrances of the plant is led through a glass tube through a water reservoir. A second glass tube is the suction tube through which you can suck in and inhale the vapor. This pure THC spray is cooled in a water pipe, after which you inhale a blow with fewer harmful substances. It is therefore a more lung-friendly way of smoking. A professional vaporizer costs between 200 and 300 euros. You can buy them in some smart or coffee shops.


You can also eat cannabis. Often the weed is then dissolved in butter. THC dissolves well in fat. And with that butter all kinds of products are made such as: space cake, brownies and bonbons. The effect is stronger by adding chocolate to brownies and bonbons. With the Love Hemp oil you can have the best deal. There are also people who make weed milk. When eating cannabis you must take the following into account:

Strength of the effect varies

There are people who feel little or nothing when eating cannabis. For others, the effect lasts longer and is experienced as stronger, hallucinating and deeper. In the literature on cannabis you will also find opposite explanations why the effect would be stronger or weaker.

The effect lasts longer

The effect can last up to 6 to 12 hours by eating cannabis. This can be annoying if it takes too long. There is not much you can do to interrupt the trip. Sugar water (dextrose) can make you feel a little better.

The effect starts much later

Usually after eating cannabis it only starts to work after 45-90 minutes (or even longer). This is because the cannabis must first be processed by your gastrointestinal tract. As a result, it often happens that people think that they have taken too little and that they still have a little extra. Because of this people at spacecake relatively often get a bath trip. Dosing is therefore difficult. With smoking you have much less problems with this, because it gives effect fairly quickly. If you have an empty stomach, the effect will come up a little faster than if you have a full stomach and the peak will be worse with an empty stomach.


Weed and hashish are usually detectable in both blood and urine for 1 to 2 weeks. If there has been a long period of flowering, a lot of weeks may be longer. In very exceptional cases, cannabis can be detectable for up to six weeks.
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