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Fake Pee Is the Best Solution When You’re Facing the Drug Test

If you’re facing a drug test at work, you understand that something must be done. Passing it is a must and failing can’t be an option.

There are many different ways for your employer to find out if you’re taking drugs. One of them is by taking a sample of your urine. This is called a urinalysis.

The sample that you’ll provide can show to the lab practitioners how much and if you’ve been using some kind of illicit drug for the past 30 days. Of course, depending on the type of the narcotic substance, you can be clean for as fast a week, but some substances stay for a lot more.

Another important detail here is how often you’ve been taking the selected substance. Those who consumed regularly have a higher chance to be caught. Those who only took once or twice in the mentioned period will have fewer chances to get positive results.

In this article, we’re talking about the options you have when you’re facing the urinalysis. The best way is to get a fake pee sample that you’ll present as your own. In addition, read and learn more about it and what you need to know for passing the test!

What is fake pee?

Also known as synthetic urine, the fake pee is a product sold under the category of adults or pranks. It is also being used in overcoming problematic situations category where people take it for passing the drug test.

It is a liquid with around 95% water. Just like the original human byproduct, it has all the ingredients as the real urine. It smells and tastes exactly like it and the only thing that is not real is the temperature that is being sold. It goes with room temperature, so you’ll have to preheat it before you hand it over. Learn more about what urine is made of here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urine.

How does it work? When the machines that provide results are first installed, they need to be calibrated. The technicians do this by inserting an already made liquid full of the same specifications as the human urine poses.

When the machine goes off, it is set to these numbers. It will work based on the numbers entered for the first time. So, when you offer the same ingredients once again, it will see them just like the first one it ever run through it. A normal, standard human product showing some healthy results and numbers that every normal person should have.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is to work hard and pray that your body’s metabolism will do its job fast enough to be ready for the test. To be clear from the drugs, your system must flush all the toxins from its body. The problem here is that your system can’t do this overnight. It takes time for this process.

What you can do to help is to exercise and drink a lot of water. That means daily jogging, sweating a lot, and compensating the liquids lost with fresh water. Not juices, not alcohol, but water. No, not even beer.

When you exercise, your body sweats, right? This is just another way for your system to flush what it has inside. The sweat is a natural way of your body to cool out from the overheating, but in this case, it helps for other needs too.

Also, when you work out, your muscles gain strength. That gives them the chance to take out all the toxins from itself. Every physical activity helps muscles grow at the expense of the fat we have inside. Why is this important? Because some of the drugs tend to find a home inside the body fat long after you consumed them.

After a week or so, your system will be completely cleaned from all the toxins inside and you’ll surely pass the test. If you have the patience and strength to do this, go ahead and do it. If not, the fake pee is a much better choice.

What are the dangers of fake pee?

The main concern, of course, is getting caught. This will not just cost you your job, but it will also cost you’re your career and your freedom in many cases. Lying on the test can have many serious consequences, so make sure you don’t get caught.

The bad part if you decide not to lie on it and get caught that you’ve been taking drugs is pretty much the same. You’ll be sacked from work and in your resume will be written that you’ve been fired because of taking drugs so no one serious will hire you again to work in your profession.

The right question to ask here is, what are the dangers of getting caught? The most important issue that you need to be aware of is that the fake pee sample must be handed over and look like the real deal. The most noticeable thing is the temperature.

Our body has a temperature of around 95 degrees so everything that comes out of it has the same number. The sample is on room temperature which is rarely the same. You need to preheat the sample before handing it over.

Some products are being sold with its own system of fast heating. They do it on their own, but if you buy one that has no ability of this, you’ll have to do it in the microwave. Click here to find more about where you can find it.


As you can see, the fake pee is not just the best, but the only solution you have in moments of trouble. Without any special intervention and preparation, you’ll get a negative result and you’ll be able to continue working as nothing happened.

The best part is probably the fact that you don’t even need to stop taking whatever it is that you’re taking. You’ll be clean in front of your employer and what you do after work and over the weekends is just your business.
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