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Clean up your car: Spring is back in 5 steps!

The rigors of winter leave traces inside, outside and on the chassis of your car - snow and ice can make bumps and salt can eat away at the metal. Our 5-step list will help you do your spring cleaning and give your car its luster of yesteryear.

Start at the bottom

The first step in returning your car to spring tunes is to remove salt from the underside of the vehicle. Run a garden hose under your car to wash all parts of the frame exposed to weather and salt. If this part of the job puts you off, you can always take your vehicle to a workshop where you wash the cars (and chassis) manually.

Wash and wax your car

If you decide to wash the car yourself, take a liquid or powder cleaner for the body. If there is tar or other stains on the paint, use a stronger product designed to protect the finish and remove stubborn stains. Do not use abrasives that can scratch the paint, such as steel wool. Once your car is dry, apply the wax. For a more durable protection car covers, try a synthetic polymer wax.

Check your tires

As standard car wash cleaners do not clean the tires well, use a tire and wheel cleaner. Apply a good coat to the outer surface, then use a tire brush to scrub vigorously from front to back. Once finished, apply the cleaner on the wheels, let the solution work for a minute, then use a clean brush to remove any dirt. Rinse wheels and tires with a garden hose and then dry them with a microfiber towel.

Replace the wiper blades

The beginning of spring marks the perfect time to replace the wiper blades, especially if the rubber has cracked. In general, the wiper blades last about six months - replace them each time you notice that they leave traces or scratches on the windshield. Use any window coolant to clean the inside of your front and rear windows (they may be dirtier than you think and it blocks your vision).

Clean the interior

The same salt and dirt that attacked the outside of your car during the winter probably managed to seep in. Use a heavy shop vacuum to remove dirt between the seats. Then take foaming foam cleaner for fabric seats, stain removers for carpets and Armor All for delicate surfaces. For interiors containing leather and wood, it is best to first consult the owner's manual and determine what types of cleaners you can use. For most leathers, any leather conditioner with a balanced pH that contains stain and waterproofing agents should do the trick. For all wood grain surfaces, choose a product specifically formulated to clean the type of wood in your car.

Home stuff for car maintenance

Some car maintenance glitches can be solved without having to visit a mechanic. Here is a list of common problems that can be easily resolved.

Cracks and splinters of glass

You drive at high speed on the highway when a rock, thrown from a truck, hits the windshield full force. That's enough to make your day disastrous. Not necessarily. Cracks or splinters of glass are easy to repair. First, be sure to prevent dust, mud or other types of dirt from entering the crack (or hole), as this may affect its repair. To do this, stop the vehicle and cover the damaged part with adhesive tape, leave it until the day of repair. Remember to repair your windshield as soon as possible, as the weather and the vibrations caused by driving can make the problem worse. Then, visit a car parts retailer and purchase a repair kit designed for windshields (these kits contain clear resin epoxy).


Put your finger on the scratch. If the stripe seems shallow, you are lucky because only the clear coating has been damaged, the paint layer has remained intact. Just go to a car parts retailer and get some polishing paste, then follow the directions for use. On the other hand, if the scratch is deep, the polishing will be useless. The only solution is to paint the stripe to hide it. Find nail polish (at home, in a pharmacy or department store) the same color as your car and gently paint the scratch, then let it dry. If you put too much varnish, you can remove the excess with a cotton cloth soaked in nail polish remover. Let it dry then start again.


If the bump is on or near the wheel well, you can repair it using a hammer, but only after removing the plastic protector under the wheel arch. Before you start, make sure you have activated the car's parking brake. Then, using a small screwdriver, remove the four to six screws that hold the protector in place. Depending on the size of the lump, you can deboss it with your fingers or a hammer. On the other hand, if the bump is on the plastic protector, there is no need to remove it. Slip under the vehicle and push with your fingers the damaged part of the protector so that it returns to its original shape. If the bump is on the side of the car, you will need to use suction to repair it.

To get there, you need to find something with a suction cup, like some automatic sharpeners. You can also find everything you need at a car parts dealer. Place the suction cup on the bumpy part and pull: if you hear a little "pop", you have succeeded! The body will have returned to its original shape. You came across a charitable soul to give you a boost, but nothing helps, the car does not restart . All is not lost.  Check for corrosion around the battery terminals (contact point of the cables). If this is the case, pour soda on the corrosion to dissolve it. This will allow better contact between the cables and the battery terminals, therefore, the motor is more likely to restart. In addition, soft drinks contain electrolytes that promote electrical current. Once back home, clean the battery with a little water to remove beverage residue.

Wax on the bumper

While waiting for the day when we will design easily removable waxes for cars, there is always the good old WD-40 oil. Spray it on the wax and clean it with a rag or an old toothbrush. The WD-40 is also effective in removing wax embedded in the slots.
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