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Benefits of Proprietorship Firm Registration

What is a Sole Proprietorship?
A sole proprietorship is a simple type of business structure that is owned and operated by the same person. It does not involve many of the complex filing requirements associated with other types of business structures such as corporations. A proprietorship firm allows persons to report business income and expenses on their individual tax returns.

Sole proprietorships are attractive to small investors because they are relatively easy to start up. Also, the owner is entitled to all the profit that the sole proprietorship collects. On the other hand, sole proprietorships can be risky because there is no separation between the owner and the business.

Here in this article we will understand the benefits of Proprietorship firm registration and how to register a proprietorship firm
Benefits of Proprietorship Registration
The benefits of Proprietorship firm registration are mentioned below:

  • The owner or proprietor is in complete control of business decisions.
  • The income generated through operations can be directed into the proprietor’s pocket or reinvested as he or she sees fit.
  • Profits flow directly to the proprietor’s personal tax return; they are not subject to the second level of taxation. In other words, profits from the business will not be taxed at the business level.
  • The business can be dissolved as easily and informally as it was begun.
  • A sole proprietorship business does not have any specific registration requirements and the proprietor’s legal identity is used by the business. 
  • A sole proprietor can easily avail various tax benefits by the government.
  • Since sole proprietorships are an unregistered form of entity, there is no database maintained by the Government with a list of all proprietorships.
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