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Anti-dandruff shampoos are worthy for coloured hair

Dandruff may be a common condition, however, it will be embarrassing and tough to treat. It is not related to hygiene, but washing and brushing the hair that can help remove old skin flakes. Risk factors embody having a sure skin, or medical conditions, and 9 more severe cases should be seen by a doctor. The exact cause is unknown, however, varied factors increase it's not associated with poor hygiene however, it should be a lot of visible if someone doesn't wash or brush their hair often. Dandruff may be embarrassing and exhausting to treat, but help is available.

Causes of Dandruff

The cause is unclear but believed to involve a number of genetic and environmental. The condition may worsen in the winter. It is not due to poor hygiene. As the skin layers continually replace itself, cells are pushed outward where they die and flake off. For most people, these flakes of skin area unit too tiny to be visible. However, sure conditions cause cell turnover to be remarkably speedy, especially in the scalp. It is hypothesized that for folks with dandruff, skin cells may mature and be shed in 2–7 days, as opposed to around a month in people without dandruff. The result is that dead skin cells are shed in large, oily clumps, which appear as white, or grayish flakes on the scalp, skin and clothes.

Treatment of Dandruff for coloured hair

Wet the hair with warm water, and apply a generous amount of olive oil to the hair and scalp. Massage throughout over hair, taking care to rub the scalp vigorously with the fingertips to loosen the flakes. , leave on overnight. Rinse hair with plenty of water. Be sure to use warm water, as it opens up the pores of scalp and allows more dead skin to come loose as rinse. The Best Anti dandruff Shampoo for Coloured Hair is prescribed by the doctor otherwise it would be harmful for scalp. Tea tree oil is a natural extract that can purchase at most health food stores. Let it rest on the scalp for a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water.


Dandruff scale is a cluster of coenocytes, which have retained a large degree of cohesion with one another and detach as such from the surface of the carneum. A coenocyte is a protein complex that is made of tiny threads of keratin in an organized matrix. The size and abundance of scales square measure heterogeneous from one website to a different and over time. Parakeratotic cells often make up part of dandruff.


Use a commercial Best Anti-dandruff Shampoo for Coloured hair containing Salicylic acid, zinc tar or selenium sulphate to help to control your dandruff. During the shampooing process, take the extra time to message your scalp for about five minutes. Rinse very well with a liberal amount of warm water.There are many brands in market who are produces different kind of antidandruff shampoo which are effective for coloured hair.
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