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5 advantages of purchasing a baby booster seat

The changes we see in today’s lifestyle have an increased number of people driving cars and other motor vehicles. Mom’s today are very independent; they own personal cars, which is necessary for running errands, taking care of household work, finance and children activities.

This being said, the increase in usage of cars has resulted in accidents, deaths, and injuries. So it is necessary to take precaution while driving to avoid these accidents. Seat belts and Booster seat are one way of protecting our children while driving cars.

What is the advantage of booster seats?

Buying or using a booster seat is not mandatory or required by the law. But it is highly suggested to use booster seats for the safety of children. Car seats are for children below three years, and booster seats are for children above three years.

The main advantages of a booster seat are as follows:

1.      Safety:  As a mother visiting supermarkets or running errands is a daily chore. Every time you step out of a home you cannot hire a nanny to take of our child.  But driving a car with a child in it is dangerous; you need to take precautions for their safety. Booster seats are the safety that helps your child sit freely in the car while you drive around. Few models of booster seats have latches which add to the safety of the child.

2.      Suitable than car seats: as stated earlier booster seats are for children above the age of four up to eight years old. The children at this age can weight 50 – 60 pounds and grow up to 4 feet. Hence they need something that supports their growth. Booster seats are available in different sizes, which children of different weight and height and sit on it comfortably.

3.      Prevention: Seat belts of a car are designed for adults traveling in the car. These belts are not fit for the safety of a child. Using seat belts to secure a child can prove to be dangerous during accidents and crashes. The shoulder or lap belts do not provide the child with upper body protection. Thus using booster seats lifts the child so that a seat belt fits properly and secure them in place.

4.      Reduces the chance of injury: Car accident is not something you can predict. The result of car accidents can be horrifying causing deaths and injury. In such accidents, the children you are incorrectly secured by a seat belt are prone to sustain serious injuries to vital organs. Children not secured properly can be thrown out of the car during crashes, which is fatal. But this can be avoided or at the least reduced by using a booster seat. Using booster seats secures the child properly and reduce the chance of injury to internal organs.

5.       Prevention: as said prevention is always better than cure. Booster seats are the prevention that parents are looking for protecting their children. Booster seats are cost-effective, reasonable expenses that you should make for the security of your child.
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