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Why Choose Phenq

It is not uncommon for weight loss products to hide or obscure some of the ingredients contained within. Usually this is because these additives carry risks that manufacturers don’t want to tell you about. These risks can range from mild to severe and some can even result in death. Many weight loss products have had side effects that include insomnia, anxiety, vomiting, heart palpitations, heart attacks, kidney failure, and miscarriage. These are serious consequences for losing weight and you should be aware of them. There are safer weight loss products on the market that are just as effective without all the harmful side effects. Phenq is a weight loss supplement that is used by wide variety of people from young to old, women to men, and even by some celebrities. This supplement is formulated using capsicum extract. This is the same extract that gives chili peppers their bite.

Phenq’s claim to fame is that it allows you to "slim at your desk". Taking one capsule alone with no exercise will make you burn 278 calories. The secret is its all natural ingredients. It is formulated using capsicum, a minimal amount of caffeine and niacin. The capsicum extract along with the other ingredients naturally, and safely accelerate your metabolism. Your increased metabolism allows you to burn more calories and fat naturally without having to exercise so that you can in fact burn calories while doing little more than sitting at your desk.

Phenq is formulated with a special coating that makes ingesting the capsicum extract pain and discomfort free. You will not have to suffer all the effects that many people feel when ingesting chili peppers. The coating protects your mouth and stomach from any painful burning that could happen otherwise. This means that even people with the most sensitive stomachs can still take Phenq.

One capsule taken daily with water is all you need. You can maximize your results if you take the supplement 30-60 minutes before working out. Even if you don’t choose to exercise you can still lose up to 4lbs the first week of taking Phenq. It also works as a natural appetite suppressant further assisting in the weight loss process. So now not only are you burning more calories but you are not consuming as many either.

There are no recorded negative side effects associated with the supplement! However, if you are pregnant, under the age of 16, or suffer from any other medical conditions it is advised to consult a physician before taking Phenq. All the positive benefits of the supplement will make the trip to the doctor’s office worth your while.

Phenq is the only product of its kind and it is only available online from the official website. Phenq is not sold in stores so steer clear of any imitations that you may find on the shelves. If you want to lose weight fast and effectively with no negative side effects then Phenq is your only choice. It is safe and 100% natural.

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