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The simplest way to enjoy sex: Use a condom

A condom does much more than prevent pregnancies. This article explains why using a condom is a must for a happy sex life.

A condom is the most basic and simplest form of birth control that men can use. It does not harm you in any way, it causes no discomfort to both partners during sex, and it can be discarded easily.
A condom helps in preventing unwanted pregnancies, and is effective over 90% of the time (when you use condoms from leading brands). It also prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

A condom helps keep both partners safe during peno-vaginal sex, peno-anal sex, and oral sex. Basically, it creates a barrier between the exchange of bodily fluids. It is a must when you have sex with an unknown partner, or when you want to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

You can have sex worry-free when you have a condom on – and this helps you enjoy the act a lot more.

How to use a condom

First time users might not know how to use a condom. It is not as tough as it initially appears to be, but being a little careful helps.

·         Make sure to wear the condom on an erect penis only.

     Take the condom out of the pack carefully, without tearing it during removal or after contact with your fingernails.

·         Do not unroll the condom right away. Hold the rubber ring and place it around the head of your penis. Now unroll the condom over the entire penis slowly.

·         Press the condom’s teat to let out excess air. This is the space where the semen collects upon ejaculation. Not releasing the air might make the condom burst or tear upon ejaculation.

·         After ejaculation, remove the penis before it goes flaccid, and only then remove the condom. Once the penis becomes flaccid, the condom becomes too big for it and there is the danger of spilling the ejaculate inside the vagina.

·         Wrap the used condom in a tissue paper and throw it in the trash. Make sure you use a fresh condom to have sex again.

Don’t stress over how to use a condom if you’ve never used one before. It gets easier with practice. Just make sure that you check the condom for tears post-use, and alert your partner at once if the condom was damaged during sex. They can take an emergency contraceptive pill or ask their doctor about what to do next.

Spicing up your sex life

There are vibrators and other toys available for use by women, but did you know that there are sex toys for men?

The most common sex toy for men is a penis ring, or a cock ring. It is placed around the base of the penis to trap blood inside it when the penis is erect. This helps you sustain your erection for a longer time, so both you and your partner can go on for longer during sex.

Sex toys help you spice up your sex life and find new avenues to increase sensuality and pleasure during sex.
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