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Is Triprolidine The Best Antihistamine For Your Allergy Reaction

Most of us suffer from allergy reactions. The itchiness, swelling eyes, breathing problems all of these causes discomfort, and stopping us from doing our day to day activities. An allergy occurs when your body mistakenly reacts to a harmless substance, and it is when your body produces histamines that cause reactions. Some of the symptoms are hives, eczema, swelling of lips, mouth, and eyes, wheezing, dizziness, diarrhea, the appearance of red bumps that are very itchy and more.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergy, but there are a lot of medications that can give you relief. Due to a lot of different medicines arising right now, it confuses most of the consumers, so I have gone ahead and collect information about this commonly used relief tablet right now, the Triprolidine.

What Is Triprolidine And How It Gives Relief To Your Allergy?

It is a medication that belongs to the group of antihistamines that gives relief for the symptoms of allergy, common cold, and hay fever. If you are starting to see signs like rashes, watery eyes, itchy skin, throat or eyes, sneezing, and runny nose, then you should take Triprolidine. It works by blocking the histamine produced by your body that causes reactions. When your body is exposed to allergens, it will produce histamine, that is why it needs to be blocked to stop the result.

Triprolidine produces another natural substance called acetylcholine that dries up the body fluids and relieve the symptoms like runny nose and watery eyes. The cost of Triprolidine is around $70  and you will get 50 milliliters. However, you can take advantage of some discounts like Triprolidine Pseudoephedrine discount coupon. Do not use this drug to treat common cold because it can cause serious side effects so do not use Triprolidine for children below 6 years old. Remember to talk to a doctor before using this medication.

How To Take Triprolidine?

Triprolidine is an oral medication, just take it by mouth with food depending on your doctor’s prescription. You can only use up to 4 doses within 24 hours but not more than that to avoid overdose. Make sure to follow all the instructions provided in the package. This medication comes in the form of liquid and chewable tablets.

 For liquid, make sure to use a particular device to carefully measure the dosage and avoid using a household spoon as it can give you incorrect measurements. If you are using the chewable tablets, make sure to chew each and slowly swallow it. Talk to your doctor for the right doses of this medicine as it will depend on your age, response to treatment, and medical condition.

Side Effects Of Taking Triprolidine

All medications have side effects, and Triprolidine is no excuse for that. Make sure to know each side effects and learn how to manage them. Upon taking this drug, you may experience drowsiness, headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite, headache, unclear vision, dryness in your mouth, nose, and throat.

However, these are not all the side effects, and you may encounter other side effects. If it worsens, contact your doctor right away! To manage dizziness, you may get up slowly from sitting or lying position.

For dry mouth, eat hard candy, gum, or drink water. It is essential to know that you have to drink a lot of water to maintain the moisture in your lungs from the dryness caused by taking Triprolidine. These side effects are not going to harm you if the medication is taken correctly. Your doctor gives you a prescription for this medicine because it can relieve your allergy reaction.

Precautions To Remember Before Taking Triprolidine

Before you take any drugs, make sure to ask your doctor everything, and you also need to tell everything to them, including your medical history and allergies. Especially if you have asthma, eye problem, high blood pressure, liver diseases, seizure, thyroid, and urination problems.

Do not do any activities that include machines like driving because this medication can cause drowsiness and blurry vision, so you are very prone to accidents. This medication contains sugar and aspartame, so if you have diabetes, you may consider talking to your doctor about it.

Effectivity Rate of Triprolidine

According to WebMed user reviews website, the effectivity rate of Triprolidine is five over five. The effectiveness got five stars, and ease of use is also five stars as well as the customer’s satisfaction. It seems like everyone loves Triprolidine. This is based on a customer’s review when using Triprolidine.

Most of the consumers are saying that it really works in treating colds, and it can relieve symptoms of allergy reaction. However, they are also complaining about its side effects, and the common side effect that they felt is drowsiness and dizziness. Learn to manage the side effects by having time to rest.


Dealing with the symptoms of allergy reaction is not easy; that is why medications like antihistamines are beneficial for everyone who is dealing with these symptoms. However, it is imperative that you know all the essential information of the drug that you are going to use from its side effects and effectivity.

In that way, you will take it correctly, and you will get the result that you want. Do not forget to talk to your doctor about it so that they can do some test and to know if Triprolidine is the best antihistamine that you can use.
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