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How to start bottle-feeding ?

There is whole panoply of little things one could try. First of all, try to experiment with different types of baby bottles for newborns regarding its nipples and flow as one don’t know exactly what type of nipple baby may prefer. One needs to look at the flow of the nipple. It might have a flow that’s too slow or that might be frustrating for newborns and on the other side, too fast. So, there is a need to look at numbers and try to find out the right flow.

Finally, with the right bottle, what else needs to do?

Don’t be the one to give a baby the bottle. Get out of the house! If baby feels like Madam Breast is nearby, he will sniff that baby out and he will want the breast. He will never take the bottle from you. Babies are so smart and they can smell that breast milk on you. So, this is the perfect time to get your partner or mom, or mother-in-law or best friends to come out and deal with your baby while you go out and have a good time. Just kidding, but mom should take a break and get out of the house because mom would not be able to handle the screaming. In addition, you will be tempted to give in and give your baby the breast because you will be worried that the baby will starve.

Next, do this as the first bottle of the day. When babies were the hungriest and they were desperate, then if you are set up with the bottle, they’ll be more likely to take it then, than at other points during the day when they might be less hungry.

Don’t be exclusively breastfeeding your baby and then be like “oh, here’s a bottle and here’s some formula”. Why don’t you try it out? No, no! Never going to go for that. Baby needs nice and warmed mom’s breast milk and very close to the breastfeeding experience. What you can start to do once your baby takes the bottle, is to a mix in tiny little bits of formula.

Finally, once your baby is taking the bottle, how many bottles should you give? Well, this is also a basic problem and make it sure that you give as few baby bottles for newborns as necessary. So, if you are at home, then you have an opportunity to directly give the breast, always do that. Don’t then give bottles at night and on the weekend because it is very, very likely that a baby will wean from the breast.

At last, the normal rule to introduce bottle to baby is that you shouldn’t introduce a bottle to your breastfeeding baby before breastfeeding is well established and, in any event, no earlier until the baby is one month old. Try to really avoid bottles in the early months. Every mom is different and don’t necessarily have to be paranoid about the bottles in those early weeks.    

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